Drug Rehab 2022 Round 1 – Addiction Crisis – A Threat to Future Generations

Name: Marvin L Miller

Addiction Crisis – A Threat to Future Generations


The addiction crisis has become one of the pressing issues that affect our current and our future generations. In accordance with NIH, drug overdoses and substance abuse has been swiftly increased in the past few years – specifically during COVID since people did not get any other way to cope with the pandemic anxiety. The severity of the situation could be understood by considering that the number of drug addictions and overdoses has increased the death rate to 5% in 2019, which has quadrupled since 1999. This indicates that the nation is dealing with an addiction crisis that requires focused interventions to control the situation. Recent research highlights that an addiction crisis has both – immediate and indirect consequences that ranges from body temperature regulation and heart rate to psychotic episodes and even death due to road accidents. On the other hand, indirect consequences of an addiction crisis include an impaired judgment that leads to risky behavior like unprotected sex, rash driving, and syringe/needle sharing causing transmissible diseases. Some of the other long-term effects of the addiction crisis include liver diseases, hypertension, neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS), drug-related crimes, elevated stress, etc. These aspects indicate that strict remedial measures must be taken on individual, societal, and governmental levels that range from social boycott of drugs, extending support to the victims and convincing them to seek help, and establishing strict reforms and penalties. Controlling the addiction crisis is a mutual responsibility since it is the biggest threat to our future generations’ mental, physical, and intellectual capabilities.