Drug Rehab 2021 Round 2 – You’re Only Cool If You Join Our Apocalypse

Name: Brooke

You’re Only Cool If You Join Our Apocalypse

You’re Only Cool If You Join Our Apocalypse

I remember walking into a room full of my friends and other peers, mesmerized by how slow yet chaotic the energy was. Everyone seemed like zombies, they could not stand up to walk, nor could they remember repeating their names over and over again. My peers were having an enjoyable time, yet their minds were nowhere to be found. I can only imagine how they viewed my sober state as they continued to taunt me to just take one, it would not hurt right? I typically feel good, and I do not need any drug or chemically made in a lab to numb my negative thought process.

Unfortunately, our population has become attached to this quick period of happiness. As a society, we constantly deal with the pressure that there is an addiction crisis, and this must be solved. Yet, if I walked into a doctor’s office and complained of pain whether that is mentally or physically, the quick fix of medication will solve all my problems. This situation is just one example of what needs to change in our society.

As humans, we were born to be able to take care of ourselves and people around us. Human nature is being shocked by the advanced and quick technology that we are provided with today. We are no longer connected with each other in a physical and sober way. In fact, we tend to stay in our comfortable spots, behind screens and air-conditioned rooms. We are detached from our own flesh and blood. As mentioned before, the opioid crisis still occurs within the status quo. Instead of giving patients the minimum that is needed, they are given an exorbitant amount of pain medication to relieve the pain temporarily. This cycle leads into the ongoing cycle of refilling and selling drug abuse.

Not only does this nation have an ability to decrease the addiction crisis, but the system fails to make even a slight effort. The pharmacies, doctor offices, and dealers will continue to make more profit as our days continue. Our peers around us will continue to fall into the euphoric state as they want to get away from reality. We must stand up to the apocalypse.