Drug Rehab 2021 Round 2 – The Self Preserved

Name: Annaleah Janette Boren

The Self Preserved

Addiction is a worldwide issue that we all struggle with on varying degrees. It is becoming a more significant issue for us individually and collectively. I have some personal experience with this topic. Perhaps in a different way than most word consider; however, I understand the feeling of bondage. Addiction is a sort of bondage to self. In my experience this is what is so mentally challenging about this issue. Perhaps others can relate. It is difficult knowing that you are the person that is putting yourself in bondage through your choices. In a very really way you are bringing your suffering upon yourself. I understand these feelings in my own way. I believe and know that we can in fact overcome addiction. I have experienced personal freedom from these issues as I have navigated through them.

Addiction occurs for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons have already been discovered. Whereas others are still journeying through these challenges to find their own answers. A common reason I can identify is self-sabotage. The remedy for this is to develop more love for yourself and others. I will conclude by saying that actions made with love will bring freedom to the soul, never bondage. The more we can make choices for ourselves and others with love the more freedom we will experience in our lives. Free from addiction and bondage.