Drug Rehab 2021 Round 2 – Pornography, the wrong kind of action movie

Name: Khuliso Sikhwivhilu

Pornography, the wrong kind of action movie

Pornography, the wrong kind of action movie

Addiction, an uncontrollable desire for that thing that triggers euphoria. For the desire for more, the brain programs its carrier into a while loop; If the substance is available and accessible, USE, then repeat and No Break. If the user fails to voice concern, the more repetitions the user may go through until those around the user step in to enforce a Break.

Addiction is defined as, “a treatable, chronic medical disease involving complex interactions among brain circuits, genetics, the environment, and an individual’s life experiences. People with addiction use substances or engage in behaviors that become compulsive and often continue despite harmful consequences. Prevention efforts and treatment approaches for addiction are generally as successful as those for other chronic diseases.”

Researchers have long squabbled over the genetics and hereditary components of addiction. They debate whether the addiction is due to a mutation in genes inherited or the condition is a result of a large set of genes passed down from the parents’ DNA. A person with a genetic disease has an abnormality in their genome; an individual with a hereditary disease has received a genetic mutation from their parents’ DNA. Whether the addiction is genetic or hereditary, the addict’s genetics is rewired, as well as the psychology.

What is sure is the inheritance of the environment within which to grow learn and experience life. Different Environments have different probabilities of life outcomes for their dwellers, whether positive or negative. As humans, we tend to never leave the comfort of the environment or surroundings we are familiar with and normalize every good and bad aspect that the environment gives us. If the environment that the parent creates for the child has been an instigator for substance abuse and has never looked to execute change, then the children are highly likely to fall prey to that very cycle of addiction.

As a toddler, being in an environment of prying young teen teenage boys only made the odds of me being exposed to pornography or any form of sexual misbehavior even higher. And so it was, on a quiet afternoon with no parental guidance around, the boys called everyone to the living room to watch “something”. “It’s a nice action movie”, said a friend with a smirk. There I was excited and curious expecting an action movie starring Chuck Norris but to realize all the actors had no clothes on. This was the wrong kind of action movie. ” Relax! this is normal, let’s play Mommies and Daddies”, another friend said while undressing to act along with our new action movie. A lot happened that afternoon, my innocence was no more.

The addiction crisis prevails on grounds that the abuse or irresponsible use of a substance is perceived as a normal way of life, victims refusing to admit to their addiction or when consumed in secret. When I got introduced to pornography it was said to always hide your videos from your parents or any older person and watch where no one will see you. And the dopamine rush I would get from watching porn kept bringing me back to watch another series closed off from everyone.

I’ve since never shared with anyone of my addiction. I had first seen it as a normal way of life, because in my mind if every little boy is doing it why shouldn’t I. I only noticed this was a problem when I would watch porn from morning to evening non-stop. After realizing and acknowledging that I had a problem, I felt too ashamed to share, and rather than seeking assistance I went further into the cave and enjoyed the content in secret. Shockingly, only about 10% of adults admit to watching pornography and I used to fall under that number. Pornography is being viewed by the public at alarming rates because it is easily accessible through any electronic media device and those connected to the internet. Today’s social media has significantly added to the corruption of society. Yet The average man does not view this as a problem.

Porn hinders a lot of people from living their lives to the fullest. Of all the desires of the body we have, the desire for sex is the most sought after and most abused. And when we can satisfy this desire at the click of a few buttons, perversion is sure to increase exponentially.

In life, we need people around us to succeed in anything that we want to do, and this is one of the first things that pornography hinders; connecting to people. Watching porn tricks the brain into thinking you are having sex, which is as pleasurable as real sex. This will leave the addict to question whether they even need to connect to a person on an intimate level.

Porn kills true love, that is love between two people. With most time spent on watching pornography, time spent on improving intrapersonal skills such as the ability to offer real unselfish meaning for love is never developed and could never be developed. Porn demands social distancing. And consumers are often left feeling awkward when they are in public. With the mind filled with all the sexual content, the consumer is never short of inspiration to possibly misbehave sexually. With the rape cases being reported soaring, one can only imagine some of the motivation behind the grim acts. With your mind re-playing what you saw being done on screen the urge to replicate those actions is nearly impossible to stop.

Becoming aware and understanding how an addiction creates problems is the first step in remedying the crisis. From personal experience, I had noticed that my addiction took the place of my purpose and meaning in life. It wasn’t that I Couldn’t stop watching porn, rather I didn’t live my life the way I wanted to. I had never lived in accordance to my fullest potential. Consequently, my life was not as exciting as was watching porn. This made me question my life. I question whether I enjoyed what I was doing, did I desire the career path that I had chosen, whether the people around me were influencing my life positively and whether I was really happy. And my conscience would always say no.

Faith and Belief were my answers. It was not that high did not Believe before this, my values beliefs, and goals were distorted, and could never fuel inspiration for a change. I had looked to the guidance and prayers of my Apostle, Apostle Stephan Kiasso, who is now my mentor. I needed to re-evaluate and establish fresh values to provide lasting motivation for change. And those values are well-founded on the foundation of Christian belief. I had to now transform my mind through the teaching of the word of God in the Bible.

With my values firmly established, I had to now find my true passion which will now Leave me into healthier relationships with people rather than with a computer screen. I needed to change my life dramatically, and this meant changing my course of study and fully pursuing my aspirations of being a professional soccer player. This meant I had to come out more and communicate more. I had decided to take it upon myself to share about my struggles and share the Negative consequences.

There has never Been a great Need for society to treat Pornography in the same manner as in the other drug abuse and addiction. Instead of addiction programs focusing on combating Against consumption, they should rather focus their expertise on life coaching and mentoring programs that will help addicts find their passion and direction in life. This will aid the development of social skills that pornography may have destroyed.

The best way to combat an enemy you see is to help others see the destruction the enemy causes. More people should be made aware of the Negative consequences of pornography and other addictive substances. The encouragement for those looking for a solution should be that there is hope and freedom from this cage. Let someone know, allow someone you trust to assist you, and stand strong throughout the storm.