Drug Rehab 2021 Round 2 – Know Your Worth

Name: Nicholas Farina

Know Your Worth

If I had to guess what causes addiction, I would say a combination of things. Maybe its genetics or boredom, restlessness, a feeling of not belonging or not being important to others that causes addiction. Everyone wants to feel good and useful and accepted. I think not being able to have these feelings makes a person seek other ways to feel content. People are hard on themselves and if we could learn to be our own biggest fan and help ourselves to a better life, we could be happy. Addicts usually have low self-esteem and little confidence. Something caused this. Maybe they didn’t get support at home or maybe for them it was the wrong kind of support. Everyone deserves peace and happiness. The key is to find out what that means and how to achieve it. Know your worth.

Focusing on a sport or talent is a good way to overcome addiction. Having a strong friend group of positive influencers is helpful too. Surrounding yourself with the type of people you want to be like is good. Remembering and acknowledging your strengths as much as you regret your weaknesses is important too. I think recognizing that there is an addiction and reaching out for help is crucial. Be your own biggest fan. Vote for yourself. Stand up for yourself. I think we depend too much on society to accept us and grade our accomplishments that we see ourselves as a failure. Knowing that you are worthy, and you matter and truly believing it may make all the difference.

Sometimes, you need that extra help and I think it needs to be known that its ok to reach out for it. I think addiction is so prevalent in society today because people are afraid to admit they need help. If help was readily available and addiction was thought of more as the illness that it is, people would be more likely to seek help. Addiction is seen is society as negative and low class but addiction can affect the rich, poor, older, young, people from all walks of life. Know your worth and advocate for yourself and your loved ones who may need help.