Drug Rehab 2021 Round 2 – Dealing with Drug Problems

Name: fakhry Eldaow

Dealing with Drug Problems

Dealing with Drug Problems

When I located out that one in all my sons became taking capsules, I became surprised and pained. The confusion was not the most effective one which has been my companion when you consider that this moment, but the fear for him and his future nearly killed me.. How will he face his circle of relatives, his family, and the society in which he lives?

This date was not lost on my thoughts, and my memory did not erase it, so I decided to confront the hassle, and attempt to find a quick and effective solution… Until I knew that the choice changed into the maximum essential step for remedy, then I looked for a specialist, after which made effort and money till my son returned to his ordinary existence.

The recovery journey for the addict’s circle of relatives is the most difficult and painful in their lives, as they do now not have the slightest revel in of what they have to do approximately this disaster from their point of view.

The starting of the painful enjoy, from now on, could be the actual ordeal inside the existence of that circle of relatives, which only has to comply with the healing group wherein it depended on, take the opinions of experts, and notably searching for the assist of God.

What I got out of this experience is that there are errors that the addict’s own family makes that may deepen the hassle and feature serious effects.

Ignoring the problem:

Dealing with the son/daughter as being in childhood wherein interest is an important characteristic, and that the son might be exceptional while he matures and grows.

Delayed confrontation:

The more you postpone in confronting your abused son, the extra you may pay the fee for this regularly over, as the problem does now not require all this trouble, simply take the first choice to confront .. After which are seeking to clear up the problem from the beginning.

No to isolation:

One of the worst feelings that you can convey to your son/daughter is to deal with the logic of isolation from human beings and society simply because he fell into the clutches of medicine and dependency. Beware no longer to isolate him psychologically or socially.


As soon as your son enters recuperation software, you should be aware that attending psychotherapy sessions allows him get better nicely, and abandoning him at this level is a setback that can return him to square zero.

Communication is higher than treatment:

After going thru this painful enjoy, do not go away your kids without real communiqué, talk to them, proportion their troubles, their private lives, so that one in all them does not grow to be a brand new sufferer within the merciless world of dependency, for communication is higher than remedy.