Drug Rehab 2021 Round 2 – Behavioral Crisis

Name: Christina Yvonne Comfort

Behavioral Crisis

In this country, The United States, we have been groomed to believe that we are powerful amongst nations. How does one attain such power? Behaviors and attitudes, along with morals and standards have pushed us along.

The issue of addiction has become more and more relevant in everyday life. Addiction, in my opinion, is a behavior pattern. Our behaviors, for whatever reason, are controlling; as dominance does, our lives. To say that the nation is dealing with an addiction crisis is to say that we have succumbed to our lack of behavior moral.

Consequences of the addiction; video games, food, health, (the list goes on and on) are affecting us personally as well as a society. Individually we can become even more addictive in our personality and further our impact on society by becoming stagnant. Our nation and society depend on the hard work and will of each individual to overcome and succeed. Setting aside, even for a moment, that one thing that has all control of your being and taking the next positive step will help us all endure through this crisis.

Remedying this behavioral/addictive crisis in our country is not at a loss or impossible. We all have a responsibility to uphold our share of our national freedoms. Doing this, by making a conscious decision to put yourself first and setting aside whatever tie that binds is our first “right” step. Then, continuing in the growth of mind, body, and soul will prompt a better way of thinking and behaving.