Drug Rehab 2021 Round 2 – Addiction Awareness

Name: Valerie
From: Houston, Texas
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Addiction Awareness

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 19.7 million Americans (12 and older) have suffered with substance abuse. Substance abuse can rapidly turn into a harmful disease that can lead to death if not treated. This problem should not be ignored. Some signs to look after drug and alcohol abuse are having problems at school or work because of substance abuse, not being able to remember anything after drinking, mood changes, you’ve lost interest in things you once liked to do, doing dangerous things while drugged, etc. There are many signs that people minimize or simply look over, but it is crucial to look out for, for the safety of you or your loved ones. Furthermore, substance abuse can lead to drug and alcohol dependence and addiction. Some signs of dependence and addiction: not being able to quit even if you want to, needing to increase drug or alcohol intake to get the same effect, having withdrawal symptoms, anxiety, not having the will to stop the substance abuse even if it is ruining your relationships, etc.

Many people have gone through many difficult challenges to simply get their lives back. Families, friends, and relationships have been affected by drug and alcohol abuse. Anyone can have a substance addiction. The stereotype of addicts are usually people who sell drugs in the streets but in reality, even a respectable doctor can be an addict. I have read true stories about drug addicts and their successful rehabilitation. One that stook out to me was about a doctor that was looked up to and respected. The person started using the drug innocently with the intent of an energy boost to study. As time passed the person had to intake more and more of the drug to keep up with life. At the time they did not think much of the drug abuse that was happening. The Doctor started to use their family to prescribe the drug they were intaking. From there their life went downhill and he was put into rehab. After getting better the doctor still had to overcome many challenges to get his life back together.

Sometimes the person who is abusing substance has no idea they are doing it and it is not their faults. Life can be hard and at times we need something that will help us keep going but still drug abuse is a very serious thing. It is also hard for people to go through rehab, and it is also a big accomplishment and step to take towards recovery.