Drug Rehab 2021 Round 2 – Addiction as an escape

Name: Jermaine
From: loganville, georgia
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Addiction as an escape

There are many reasons why someone may become addicted. They could accidentally get addicted by being over prescribed pain medicine. Maybe they went from casually drinking with friends to drinking a bottle daily, or maybe they didn’t realize they were addicted to a substance until it was too late. I personally believe that we as a nation are dealing with an addiction crisis because the mental health of citizens are not being addressed. What do I mean by this?

I mean that in my perspective, mental health seems to be one of the biggest factors in why someone becomes addicted. I believe we can all think of someone who is depressed, lonely, angry, or even just going though a hard time that has turned to something like alcohol for relief. It’s not just substances either, video games, food, and even plastic surgery can become unhealthy ways to cope with negative things happening in our lives when done in excess, but this doesn’t describe everyone. Some people never become addicted to something even when going through difficult experiences. However, the addiction crisis we face as a society correlates heavily with the increase in mental health issues. This is why I believe the consequences of addiction for the individual and society is, mental health being more and more ignored.

It is hard to notice mental health issues because it is something you cant physically see. You can see what addiction to alcohol or meth does to people, but most people only think of mental health issues as being sad or acting different from the norm. It is important that we recognize that mental health isn’t the same for each person. It can can be physical aches and pains, it can be a lack of enjoyment in favorite activities, and it can definitely manifest as addiction. If people cannot see addiction as a way to cope with mental health issues, then I believe the addiction crisis will continue to get worse. Currently, we have COVID 19, economic issues, mass unemployment, global warming, and a multitude of other things that all negatively affecting us as a society. I didn’t even mention all the issues that an individual could be struggling with while this is going on. All of these problems contributes to negative mental health and an increase in the amount of people that turn to addiction. I keep mentioning mental health being ignored, so what do I think we can do to make mental health be seen while battling the addiction crisis? I think the solution is to get people to start correlating mental heath with addiction.

I believe most people see an alcoholic as just an addict. What I mean by this is, most people wouldn’t even consider that the person is drinking to escape from a stressful job or an unhappy relationship. People focus more on solving the problem of addiction then looking for the cause. Being labeled as an addict contributes to people ignoring the mental health aspect of addiction. This label becomes the only thing people think about when try to help someone who is suffering from an addiction. People need to understanding that stopping addiction is more than just removing the thing the person is addicted to, it is about finding out psychological what drove the person to become addicted in the first place. Seeing the importance of mental health, in the same way we look at physical health, is an important step in stopping addiction. I think people are so afraid of the label that mental health brings, that they will deny to others and themselves that they might have these problems. This is why I think that if people were more willing to see how addiction is used to cope with poor mental health, then I think we would be closer as a society to getting people the help they need. If we all saw this connection as fact, then maybe people would be more willing to seek mental health help if they ever become addiction to a substance.

Because of increasing mental health issues, we as a nation are dealing with an addiction crisis. The consequences of this addiction for the individual and society is, mental health being more and more ignored. However, I believe we can remedy the crisis on both the individual and societal level by getting people to correlate mental heath with addiction. Addiction is a complicated subject that doesn’t have one simple solution. Hopefully we as a society can recognize how important it is to come together to stop the crisis that is impacting so many of us.