Drug Rehab 2021 Round 1 – The Tolls Addiction Can Take On You And Your Loved Ones


The Tolls Addiction Can Take On You And Your Loved Ones

Addiction is a very huge and widespread problem in the modern world. I have seen many people I know and love go through addiction, how drastically it affected their lives. I have an uncle, whom I will not be naming for privacy reasons, who’s story with addiction has been so incredibly eye opening on the dangers and how easy it is to develop. He had always been so incredibly smart, some would even say he was a genius. A straight A student who could pretty much get a full ride to any institution and pursue any career field he desired. I remember he would build me things from scratch, blueprint them himself and everything. One example of this was this amazing playground, equipped with a tree house, a slide, swingset, etc. He used his intelligence to bring joy to those he loved, he was and still is a great and loving man. His battle with addiction developed in highschool, he had attended parties with his friends and had found himself pressured into drinking robitussin. He slowly began to develop a need for the high he experienced, and when that eventually wasn’t good enough he turned to crack cocaine. He was doing crack for many many years until the birth of his daughter. This new precious life was so important to him and he knew he had to be his best, if not for himself then for her. He was clean for 9 years, doing so much better and being the loving father that his sweet little girl deserved. He began to develop problems in his marriage, which eventually led to a divorce between the two and split custody of their daughter. This hit him extremely hard, he was lower than he had been for a very long time and would do anything to feel okay again. After 9 years of sobriety, of doing so incredibly well in life, he relapsed. This broke our family, we spent many nights crying, worrying about his safety, not knowing what we could do to help. I remember one night in particular, my mother received a call letting us know that he had overdosed and was in the hospital. We were all so heartbroken, we truly thought that we had lost him. Everytime I see him now I see his addiction, it’s written so clearly all over him. He looks sickly, his whole dynamic has changed from enthusiastic and driven to cold and detached. It’s been 5 years since he has relapsed and he is still battling aggressively with this addiction. He has been in trouble with the police numerous times, serving jail time, breaking parole, etc. It has been so insane and heartbreaking to witness someone who has the potential to be something remarkable end up sickly and broken. Addiction is such a horrible, life shattering experience, and I would never wish it upon anyone. I hope that anyone reading this story will see how something that may seem so small can develop into a full blown, life altering problem. In conclusion, it is so very important for all people to be educated on the startling importance and terrifying effects of addiction and how imminent it is in the world around us.