Drug Rehab 2021 Round 1 – The psychological effects of tv shows and movies

Name: Imani

The psychological effects of tv shows and movies

The Psychological Effects of TELEVISION Shows and Movies 

Toxic shows are enjoyable, and it even is beneficial to watch because of what you learn, but it can also really harm your mental health. Have you ever wondered what watching television shows and movies like 13 Reasons Why and 6 Years could do to someone’s mental health? Both are good but they are extremely too much to deal with all at one time the idea to write about the psychological effects of television shows and movies based on what they have done to the mental health of others as well as she. She has always loved to watch television, but the older she got the deeper and more meaningful the shows and movies became. 

Shows started to have more reasons and more situations that we are addressing real-world issues like Grey’s Anatomy and Law and Order, when she was used to Garfield, SpongeBob, and Dora. She started watching this show called Switched at Birth and another called Queen of the South and they both go into real-world issues that she was not aware of. Queen of the South is about a Spanish cartel and this woman named Teresa Mendosa taking over the business and making it her own, while Switched at Birth is about a mother switching her child in the hospital trying to give her a better and happier life. It was not until she started to watch 13 Reasons Why that a show could be both toxic and informative at the same time because that show had all types of emotions and it caused me deep depression. 

Watching television, in general, is not always good for you, it could cause headaches and give you more stress and anxiety. Television can be very distracting, and it can be very time-consuming with long seasons, health crises, and cliffhangers. “Dr. Steven Sussman, Professor of Preventive Medicine and Psychology at USC has research that is a comprehensive review of behavioral addictions, with TELEVISION making the top of the list. Just like that sweet angel dust, watching TELEVISION can release a flood of endorphins, seducing you into blissful submission, and leaving you hungry for more the moment you stop. Like any good addiction, your brain forgets how to operate without the drug — you’ll always need just one more hit of Kimmy Schmidt before you go to bed.” according to  ( page 1) by Knock, Nicholas at thrillist.com/

There’s a Certain television show named  13 Reasons Why it can be informative, but very toxic  and mentally distressful I watched it before they edited it and it scared me for three months and caused two girls to kill themselves because of the seriousness of the topics in the show. “Bella Herndon was a 15-year-old who loved to read and write and was earning straight As a sophomore in high school., Priscilla Chiu was also a high school sophomore described as “precocious” and “determined. “Both teenagers died by suicide in April. Their families say Bella and Priscilla both watched “13 Reasons Why,” the controversial Netflix show about suicide, just days before taking their own lives. While the show is fictional, the series is extremely graphic, including several rape scenes, and raises significant concerns about the emotional safety of those watching it,” according to Kindelan, Katie “ 2 California families claim ’13 Reasons Why’ triggered teens’ suicides” Abcnews.go.com  page( 1) 


Watching television based on what is on can cause mental distress especially if they are children under the age of 13 it could be worse for them. War movies are hard to watch for some military/ex-military and veterans can hit too close to home because it could cause them to have more PTSD and the children unwanted pain. Page 1 of showcase.tempestamedia.com  “Children can be sensitive to the violence they see on TELEVISION. Seeing a violent war movie can affect children in two ways; they can be frightened and have nightmares later about what they have seen, or they can begin displaying similar behaviors. Both of these outcomes are pretty negative and should be avoided.” 

    Some shows and movies are too detailed when it comes to certain scenes in the shows/movies like Shameless, 13 reasons why, and Love. Scenes in movies and shows are meant to be enjoyable but sex and death seem to be the only things that are too real for the audience’s eyes! It does not matter how mature the audience is because some of it just is not needed to understand where the scene is leading to. According to Nickson, Stacy page 1 of privatewriting.com “there is another factor Negatively impacting teens today it is not just TELEVISION that is sexualizing our youth, it is also the internet MTELEVISION used to censor music videos now you can see and hear any song with explicit lyrics played as recorded in the studio bad language and adult content in all.” 

   Certain television shows and movies can be so addicting but cause so much anxiety, watching television can turn you into a zombie! Based on what topic the movie or show is it can become very triggering, and Not all topics have to be filmed to be talked about, for example, Suicide and self-harm can be hard for victims to watch or learn more about, toxic/abusive relationships can be very hard to sit through and People losing their life especially innocent people can be hard to even deal with being one the other side of the television! bustle.com   page 1 states “At the end of a long day of work, you might enjoy nothing more than curling up on the couch to watch the next episode of your favorite show, snacks in hand. But is watching your favorite TELEVISION shows hurting your mental health? According to experts, there are a number of physical and mental signs that might mean that you should take a break from a specific show for a while.”

      Television has become more accessible can be watched on laptops, Chromebooks, phones, and iPads and it is not just teens it is also found in adults too. Page 1 of https://www.latimes.com states “in the United States, adults will spend an average of 3 hours and 43 minutes each day on their smartphones, feature phones and tablets this year, eight more minutes than they’ll spend watching TELEVISION, according to a forecast released Wednesday by research firm eMarketer.”

Toxic shows and movies are enjoyable, and it could be beneficial to watch because of what you learn, but very harmful to your mental health.

Watching television is not always good for you because certain shows and movies can be so addicting, some shows and movies are a little to surreal, there to graphic and some can be a little too much for audiences even mature audiences. 

Certain television shows can be so addicting but so draining because watching too many shows and movies and turn you into a zombie, certain shows can make yourself reflect for good & bad reasons movies can be triggering based on what the general message is, and all topics should not be talked about to be known.

Watching television and based on what you watch can harm your thought process, war movies can be hard for families, vets, and ex-military, sexual assault or rape is too much to watch for victims or sensitive people to deal with is extremely hard to watch innocent people die along with toxic and abusive relationships.