Drug Rehab 2021 Round 1 – Only the Strongest Beat Addiction


Only the Strongest Beat Addiction

Addiction. We all know what it is. We don’t all have to deal with it. Yes, addiction occurs for many reasons and yes, it can be hard to recover. My dad is one of those people fortunate to recover. As hard as it was at the beginning, I get to see him push farther away from it day after day. It gives me the hope that it is possible to overcome addiction.

In an article by addictioncenter.com, 21 million Americans are struggling with addiction and only 10 percent of those individuals get the help they need. My dad was one of those fortunate individuals. In 2012, my father was caught using drugs and was put into jail. As a nine-year-old, this was one of the hardest things to experience. After seeing his mugshot, I broke down, thinking I would never see my dad again. Turns out, I was wrong and now I get to see my dad anytime I would like.

Going to the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings with my dad, I’ve learned some valuable information and tips for others who want to stop using. One of the things I hear over and over again is about surrendering to a higher power and admitting you are powerless. This has made a huge impact on so many lives, and I get to hear their stories about waking up and praying or wanting to drink or use again but realizing the higher power is all they need. Seeing people who came from absolutely nothing, no money, no family, no support, and using drugs and alcohol to having families and having money to pay for things such as food and a house really opened my eyes to how destructive addiction really is.

People with addiction are sometimes told “you need to go get help” but unless they have a willingness to reach out and get some help it’s never going to work. One thing my dad always tells me about people going through Alcoholics Anonymous is that “only the people who are willing to surrender and realize they need help will make it through this program.” I think about this quote a lot because it really shows how strong one must be in order to recover from addiction. It affects more people than we realize and the best way to combat this is to understand the nature and tendencies of addicts and know what to do and how we can help if needed. Sometimes, the best thing an individual with no experience can do is to search up AA meetings in their town and help guide others where to go for help. As a society, if we all look at these people as ones who need help instead of turning our backs towards them, we can make a huge impact on the amount of addicts there are in the United States.