Drug Rehab 2021 Round 1 - Living Clean; The Journey Continues

Name: Moriah Lit
From: Philadelphia, PA
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Living Clean; The Journey Continues

I had a principal that told me when I left my first high school, “If you leave here you’ll never be successful anywhere”. In my high school career there were a lot of factors that contributed to my lack of success. I always felt like an outsider and was threatened with physical violence weekly. A feeling of not having a place in society, or being a part of a larger educational construct was instrumental in my indifference and lack of engagement in school.

I fell through the cracks of the educational system and in that process, lost the idea of having a purpose or value in a community. I was fortunate enough for my parents to send me to a private school where I was able to attain my high school degree, but it didn’t negate the perception that I placed on myself of being a school drop-out. I learned in the last 15 years that hindering my education made the world a lot smaller and with less opportunities. Dropping out of high school set the perfect environment to fester a multitude of other issues that I can now associate with not having clear cut direction. For the next decade I submitted myself to substantial drug abuse and defeatism. I got comfortable with the idea of complacency and inadequacy and had accepted my destiny.

When I got the phone call in 2014 that my father overdosed it shattered me. When the dust settled, I was left alone with my addiction, using the only tools I had to cope with my new reality. I continued to use drugs until the pain of my addiction left me curled up on a shower floor, knowing I was at my end. May 2, 2017 was the first day of the rest of my life.

Today I’m an active member in a 12-step fellowship which has changed my life. I currently sponsor 4 girls and help guide them through the everyday turmoil, chaos, and beauty of life, while harnessing relationships founded on trust and communication. I am an integral and contributing member of my community with values based on accountability, commitment, and honesty. It was my recovery that led me back to school. I take great pleasure in introducing other recovering addicts to the educational process, and helping them decide how they want to navigate their own journeys through a collegiate experience.

I took on this venture with no vision for the future. I just wanted something different. I wanted my life to look like what I always envisioned it would as a little girl. Now I am thriving in my educational journey, and I’ve gotten a glimpse of how completely I’ve changed with the help of many teachers, mentors, and my family. Today I am a dedicated and capable student, earning a 4.0 GPA, with straight A’s in my current full-term semester. I’m a member of Phi Theta Kappa, the President of the Student Government Association, and was awarded a scholarship last year from the Ammon Recovery Foundation for my merits as a scholar. Today I have hope.

When this opportunity revealed itself, my instinctual reaction was to run. However, over the last 3 years and 8 months, I have become a woman who confronts her fears and self-doubt head on. One of the biggest changes I recognize in myself, is today I believe in myself and my future. I also believe that with the correct support in place, and with perseverance and discipline, any addict in recovery can have what I have. I aim to help other see the light at the end of the tunnel and find their confidence through education.

If I was awarded this scholarship from Seasons in Malibu it would be life changing. I am currently enrolled as an Education major, hoping to ultimately become a college counselor, helping other addicts in recovery and helping them navigate their paths through higher education. Seeing my mother permanently impact her students’ lives has left me with a vision for a future where I can be of service to a community through education, recovery and experience. The Seasons in Malibu scholarship would continue to reinforce my worth in a community and provide me with financial support that is invaluable in my journey of discovery. Applying for this scholarship alone has opened my mind to possibilities that I never thought I’d have the opportunity to engage in. Being a beacon of light and hope in the recovery community is paramount to being able to show other addicts in recovery that we do recover, succeed, and awaken dreams that will forever change our lives.


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Drug Rehab 2021 Round 1 - Living Clean; The Journey Continues
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