Drug Rehab 2021 Round 1 – Hope for the hurting

Name: Eric Walther

Hope for the hurting

I believe we face a drug crisis because I have experienced it firsthand; I have been an addict myself. My friends introduced drugs to me at a young age. By the time I was 12, I was already smoking marijuana. That only opened the gate to every other drug that was available to me. Drugs had cost me my health, my education, broken relationships. It ended my career in the Military after having deployed to Iraq. Addiction is a relentless evil. Not only have I seen this in my life, but almost all the friends I had growing up struggled with addiction to drugs and alcohol abuse. I saw it firsthand in my immediate family and beyond. It destroys marriages, friendships, careers; it is a master that consumes a person.

My personal experience is an anomaly. When I was homeless, I had a friend who offered me a job, and I took it. Being in the company truck with him was like being a captive audience. This man loves Jesus and wanted me to know about him. After understanding who I was and what Jesus had done for me, I gave my life to Jesus. And I was made new. He healed me from my drug addiction instantly. I understand this is my story, and I in no way diminish NA or AA. I think that accountability is tremendous, but I had been through multiple treatments already, and it was Jesus who healed me.

As far as what we need as a nation, it needs to be a grassroots approach. We need to understand that addicts and alcoholics are hurting people, that most of them deep down hate their addiction but have no hope. We need to love our neighbor as ourselves and do what we can to help. I also believe in having nationwide programs that not only house, provide food for, and counsel addicts. But are willing to prepare them for a sober life, furthering their education needs, trade schooling, and job employment.