Drug Rehab 2021 Round 1 – Bring Attention to Addiction

Name: Jamirah

Bring Attention to Addiction

Initially reading the prompt my mind first went to drug addiction. When trying to deliberate how I wanted to go about writing the essay, I came to the realization that this is the first step to bringing awareness about the many types of addiction. Letting it become more known that doing drugs is not the only form of addiction. People can suffer from sex addiction, food addiction, addiction to attention, pain addiction and many more. Bringing the information to health classes could be a possible solution for reaching different people. Most health teachers only go over the types of drugs and how they impact the body. To alter this curriculum these courses could introduce the different types of addiction with a section dedicated to drug use. A way to start helping the upcoming generation is to start talking about the less known addictions. Applying this information in school could stop students from potentially starting or continuing these habits. When students notice they have done some of these activities they will know who to reach out to for help. As a nation we like to brush unseen and unnoticable addictions under the rug. Society mainly pays attention to people who they sense have done drugs and no attention goes to the boy who looks overly skinny or the girl who is deliberately hurting herself for attention. If we as a society do not notice these people and at least give them the number to find help then said society is failing the individuals within it. Said society will have a decrease in jobs due to the people being inactive and unemployable. As a consequence the society might experience an increase in crime. To prevent this from happening, society members need to be more generous with helping individuals get through their addictions. People could start a meeting for those with a certain addiction to let them know they are not alone and to encourage them to push through the temptation. Society members should be less judgmental towards the people fighting their addictions and start taking action to make a change within the community.