Drug Rehab 2021 Round 1 – Braving the Storm


Braving the Storm

The story of the ibis convinced me that the University of Miami would feel like my home because, like the ibis, I have braved the storm in my struggle with depression. There was a time when I found no enjoyment in my life, and felt that nothing I did made a difference. There have been dark times where I lost hope and grappled with the idea of suicide. I was able to reach out for help because I realized I wanted to live and have the ability to be a positive force in other people’s lives. Telling someone was the first step, and as I continued to talk about it with others, I learned who was really there to support me, which began to give me a small spark of hope. I came to view myself as someone who persisted through crisis and doubt, and this hope continued to build. Hope has been the reason that I can continue living. Hope that I will find success in my career. Hope that I will find happiness in relationships with others. Hope that I will be able to help those who are struggling. With this hope, I am ready to come out after the storm, go to college, and spread my wings. I plan to go into a field of study that aims to help others with the same and similar struggles. I look to be the lighthouse that guides others through their storms, as so many have done for me.