Drug Rehab 2021 Round 1 - addiction in todays society

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addiction in todays society

Some people say that social media is not an addictive app. What people don’t see is how much social media changed the world from one person to all of the world and how social people are. In todays society there are so many things to get addicted to. There are so many ways and so many things to get addicted today in todays society. The main things that people are addicted to are smoking, social media ,alcohol, and so many other things. So many have an obsession and addiction in todays society. It doesn’t matter who you are you can be sucked into an addiction, even some doctors and veterans have addictions and it is bad for society to have that much addiction. Most of society today has an addiction to something and i know that society is addicted to technology. Some of the worst addictions are smoking,alcohol, gambaling, technology and social media. Most people that have this addiction have a rough life. I know people with addictions that i just listed and some celebrity have these additions and their lives changed for the worst. I know that you can go from the top all the way to the bottom all in a flash.



One of the main addictions is alcoholism. Alcoholism is an addiction to alcohol and is when you need alcohol in your system to function properly. Alcoholism is a bad addiction or in some casses can be bad. In some cases the victim has it so severe that he or she will kill or lose everything for alcohol. Some of the signs of alcoholism are blackouts,memory loss,and denial. Denial is the idea of saying you’re alright and everything is swell really when your are going through something. I have seen someone close to my heart go through that and see their downfall while they went through this addiction. This person was in denial and the person got more aggressive with everyone. The thing about being a victim of alcoholism is that you change and all you wanna do is drink and you can honestly lose family , friends and people who love you dearly. Alcoholism is a addiction that will change your life for the worst if you let it and it will take your life and everything you love away. In todays society you can get help if you want it or you need the extra help. In todays society the risk of going to jail is more likely because you dont think when you have this condition you will just do whatever you can to get some alcohol.


Another big addiction in today’s society is social media. Social media is big in today’s society. It is a big way to show off and to talk to people and is a way to keep up with celebrities. It is the number one way the kids and teens communicate with each other and is one important way people keep up with the news, celebrities, and current events happening in today’s society. The bad thing about social media is that it is affecting the youth and younger generation by painting a picture of how you’re supposed to look. Celebrities are the top of the top and the younger generation is picking up habits such as criticizing yourself, self conscious and all of this can lead to depression. In today’s society the youth group of today’s world is very depressed and has problems and that is why the suicidal numbers have gone up because of the effect of self conscious. As a result of all of this it is a bad addiction so in the cause of youth and all society using social media can be a negative on your conscience and can harm you.



Another big thing that is really harmful and is still a big deal in today’s society is smoking. In today’s world we have adapted to smoking habits because most public places have smoking areas which is a sign that the world has already made a space for people to smoke. Now companies make several ways to sell smoking devices to the youth party by manufacturing smaller thinner smoking devices. In today’s world the youth population smokes nicotine all the way to weed and today the big corporations of the world are selling more and more and making more devices to carry around while being discrete. This being the cause of most youth starting to get addicted to nicotine and other substances and in that effect they have bad lungs and can not be as active because they get shortness of breath. In affect of bad lungs they can also get lung cancer and can decline they amount of years they have to live.




This is the addictions and the causes and the downfalls of each of these addictions. There are worse addictions but i just covered the basics of the addictions.

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Drug Rehab 2021 Round 1 - addiction in todays society
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