Drug Rehab 2021 Round 1 – addiction in modern times


addiction in modern times

Cameron woods

Christian Brothers college High school

April 2nd, 2021



Addiction in modern times


Addiction throughout the modern era has become very lucrative, this is mainly because of how we as a society treat people with mental illness. It’s very interesting when you understand how society has gone about the treatment of mentally ill individuals. In Michel Foucault’s madness and civilization we see how modern times has brought about a “medical gaze” this is when doctors see a patient the inspection and looking into the patients we see them starting to see people that don’t operate a “ normal” capacity as a problem to be fixed and this eventually transferred to the treatment of mentally ill people. This is important because we see that when society casts aside people or creates an undesirable trait more people fall into that hole and are unable to escape because oftentimes we don’t see mental illness as a genuine issue. When we try to understand addiction and take into account studies like “Comparing life experiences in active addiction and recovery between veterans and non-veterans” it shows that vets that use certain drugs during active duty often times show no addiction when returning from duty, this to me suggests that addiction goes much deeper than just what is widely regarded that the use of addictive drugs indefinitely causes addiction but this is simply not the case. Even with a simple google search for what causes addiction there is no definite answer so with the lack of knowledge of the disease, the inability to seek viable lasting treatment, and societal norms suggesting that people just “get over it” this causes a trap for people. Another big thing with addiction it seems that people are becoming less and less fulfilled in their lives it causes people to latch onto other things for that fulfillment and in turn causes addiction. This is the same with people in really bad situations that turn to drugs for an escape from the reality of their lives. The major consequence of addition on the societal and individual is a general decline as a people we will start to become more and more estranged from one another and create yet another divide in america. We must do our part and don’t treat people with addiction and disease as outsiders and less-than and instead treat them as one of us that needs help, the golden rule holds true.