Drug Rehab 2021 Round 1 – Addiction can and will tear family apart


Addiction can and will tear family apart

I grew up with an alcoholic father and a meth addict mother. There are images that I cannot get out of my head what I saw growing up. I forgave my father and mother for what they have put me and my other siblings through growing up. Becoming an adult, I had to accept where I came from and I learned a lot why people turn to drugs or alcohol. I believe the reason why we are dealing with an addiction crisis is either people cannot deal with stress, coping, grieving, anger, it has a lot to do with mental health. It took my mother and father years to overcome their addiction because they didn’t want help. They both had to take the first step to admit they had a problem and once my mother and father took that first step, they overcame that addiction. The sad truth is now my siblings are following in the same footsteps.

My two brothers both went to prison for drugs and my sister is currently battling a meth addiction. What happens when kids are raised in a house hold that is broken, is those kids become adults and follow in the same foots steps. My brothers and sister could have taken another path in life but they didn’t. I grew up having that mentality that I will never ever raise my kid the way our mother and father raised us. The sad consequences of addiction are the children that grow up seeing that, will follow right behind them, it’s a big circle that just keeps going, never ending. It’s up to that individual to break the cycle and I broke it. My sister let the drugs get the best of her and she lost her parental rights to all four of her children. I adopted my oldest niece and mother adopted my three other nieces. Drugs can really tear apart a family and my family is the perfect example.

We as society do not take care of our mental health. We turn to alcohol and drugs because it helps us cope with our personal lives. We need fix this addiction crisis with the right mental health and speak to someone. The drug and alcohol can only zone out reality and numb you for only a short period of time but that problem is still going to be there. Why not push our family and loved ones to seek that mental health and try pushing them to talk to someone? People with addiction need someone to talk to because they are only hurting themselves and their family.