Drug Rehab 2021 Round 1 – Addiction Awareness Scholarship

Name: Uba

Addiction Awareness Scholarship



Addiction Awareness Scholarship

I believe as a nation we are dealing with an addiction crisis because of what society promotes through music, movies, television, and social media. Drinking, sex, and drugs are the main addictions people struggle with across the world. Why does indulging in these things lead to addiction? The short answer is the pleasure felt during these activities. But a more in-depth answer would be that these activities stimulate the nucleus accumbens and prefrontal cortex. Consequently, a chain reaction occurs and addiction is formed by lingering cravings. Once a person falls into an addiction, it is very difficult to come out of one. Consequences can vary but the main side effects are the loss of productivity, employment, quality of life, impairment in physical and mental health. Addiction takes a huge toll on day-to-day life,people who suffer from addiction experience depression, become emotionally distant from others, and lose interest in form hobbies.Furthermore, addicts will continue to thirst for pleasure because it becomes a form of comfort. The impact addiction has on society is destructive behavior. When an addict is not able to get their hands on what they are addicted to they will do whatever it takes to get that “feeling.”

We now know the effects and consequences of addiction, how can we combat this? One way society can combat addiction is by facilitating free gyms. This will allow the brain of an addict to form a healthy pattern of pleasure. Gyms can also help combat unhealthy cravings and relieve stress which can be very beneficial. To make gyms free we can partner with recycling agencies and gather 50% of their earnings. Another way to combat addiction is by hosting free weekly seminars with different facilities that deal with addictions and negotiate with addiction agencies. This way addicts can get therapy and the help they need without any expenses. I am aware most individuals are not religious but something that helped me change for the better was the Bible. It gave me a new perspective on life and a moral compass. Furthermore, it taught me the importance of loving others as yourself, principles, self-development, self-control, and mentorship. These solutions will help strengthen individuals and society which will make the world a better place.