Drug Rehab 2021 Round 1 – Addiction and its Effects

Name: Grace

Addiction and its Effects

Russell 2

Grace Russell

Addiction Awareness Scholarship

07 May 2021

Addiction and its Effects

Addiction is most commonly known as an individual being addicted to a substance or thing, to the point that they are physically and mentally dependent, unable to stop without side effects. I believe that we are dealing with addiction as a nation because of a lack of communication as well as education. When pharmacies first started selling opioids and other addicting medication they reassured doctors and patients that it would not become addicting or be misuse, when in fact both of those things occurred. And as far as being addicted to an activity or alcohol, I think people use it as a coping mechanism that they can hide behind. Having a party with some drinks or going out and running everyday is not seen as addicting in most people’s eyes, so it is easy for someone to use that to cope when in reality they are addicted to it. There are consequences that come with addiction not only for those with the problem, but also the world around them. An individual who is ridding that addiction from their life will be very irritable and experience withdrawal symptoms that can be portrayed as anger or harshness towards others. And as for our society addiction can greatly impact how we view and use medications. With the rate of addiction climbing, some medical professionals allow their patient to be in more pain, with the use of less intense pain meds, to avoid the possibility of addiction. Addiction has left a lasting negative effect around medications that can relieve a great deal of pain. There are solutions, if we as a society and individuals work to better the issue. As a society we can educate ourselves and become aware of all of the side effects and warnings that come with strong medication. Society can also be understanding and look out for one another, if you notice that person going for a run everyday to let off steam, or that one friend partying every weekend allow them a safe space to face their addiction and get help. Individually, we need to hold ourselves accountable. Anyone with addiction realizes that they have an issue, but it is truly up to them to fix it. A person has to be willing to admit they have an issue and ask for help, it cannot be forced. With all of this information our world will learn and make steps towards bettering itself in hope for our future society.