Drug Rehab 2021 Round 1 – Addict Meets Addiction


Addict Meets Addiction

           Humans. So vulnerable and un-safe when we come across the process of decision-making. Depending on how an individual counters a pessimistic situation, we tend to turn and devour our lives into misery by being addicted. It does not matter what type of addiction it is, whether it is the internet, video game, sex, food, drug, or shopping addiction, the outcome always comes with consequences. I say this because I experienced one of these behavioral addictions and I have to say, it was a difficult process to get over with because I used to always come back doing the same thing repeatedly when I was not supposed to. Every person is different, and we all make mistakes, whether we are peer pressured or made half-witted actions that we thought were acceptable because we may not have received the proper assistance during our weakest point. I believe this is what leads us into addiction. Addiction is almost always an unpleasant outcome whether it would be regarding drugs, video games, obsession over someone or something, etc. We may not know when someone is going through a difficult period of their lifetime, but we can understand the solutions or at least the mindset of people fighting addiction. We as a society should come together to learn and benefit ourselves from valuable information concerning addiction, causes of addiction, the right way to counter and eventually prevent this issue from happening again. An addiction in particular that I want to discuss is drug addiction because I have friends and family who suffered and got past this dangerous addiction.

           I believe we as a nation are dealing with an addiction crisis due to the lack of knowledge that was proposed to us in classes and outside of education, and the lack of not opening to others to discuss any issue a person may be facing alone. I believe we let emotions cloud judgment, which leads to an uncontrollable action committed from judging with intense emotions. That is sometimes how we make ignorant and unthoughtful decisions. According to editors of an article, Michael’s House, “A 2013 report found that more than 30 percent of students who dropped out of high school use drugs compared to 18 percent of those who stay in school. Dropouts are more than twice as likely to use cigarettes, marijuana, alcohol, and other illicit drugs”. This shocking fact displays that drug usage can lead to the dangers of addiction to youngsters. I strongly think that D.A.R.E is not enough for students, as they may forget the information taught. More programs such as D.A.R.E should be involved in student learning, and more time should be spent within each program. For instance, D.A.R.E and other programs should be taught every semester in high school, and every if not most degrees should require a college student to take a certain number of hours of these types of programs, so addiction problem could be reduced.

           Consequences are for sure to be dealt with if one lies an addict. According to the U.S Department of Health & Human Services, “substance abuse affects the individual, their family, and the community in significant and measurable ways including loss of productivity and unemployability”. More in-depth consequences include increased crime, increased violence, and abuse and neglect of children for elders. An individual should know that if they are addicted to any substance, they should expect psychological, personal and physiological effects that may never be reversed into normality. Any addiction has consequences, For instance, sex. According to MedicalNewsToday, sex addiction greatly increases the risks of sexual behaviors that could lead to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Let us look at video games. Video game addiction can cause violent behaviors in an individual, proceeding them to commit undesired actions. It is like the mind is controlled by addiction, it tells the person to repeat the process again and again, and we listen. Overall, addiction can only hurt a person as it is never a beneficial experience in any situation, so consequences are always present to be dealt with at the end of the day. 

           Fortunately, addiction can be treated and can be put in the past of our lives. According to Jasmine Bittar’s post published in AddictionCenter, addiction can be handled with aid from supporters such as family, doctors/medical centers. Jasmine says to follow these following steps to break the addiction and a bad habit. One being, take small steps to settings patterns. We know it takes a bit of time for a pattern to become an addiction. She states, “Setting small goals makes it easier to follow and easier to track how well you are progressing in your goals” Also, finding and committing to these goals is like motivation for you to continue your journey. Moreover, the second step is staying away from temptations that help feed your addiction/bad habits. Contributions to your addiction are triggered when you put yourself in familiar places where the triggers were present. Jasmine asserts, “The world is full of fun activities”. In other words, she’s saying that there are a bunch of distractions or tasks to keep us busy and away from performing these addictive behaviors. The third step listed is to replace your old habits with new similar ones. This is crucial to acknowledge because you can practically convert your bad habits and addictions into an optimistic habit. The final step is to simply love yourself. “A strong mind and strong love for yourself comes into play when you are fighting the need to use or give in to your habits”. An addict should ask themselves this. “Will this benefit me? This addiction is to only feel temporary pleasure, so how can I proceed in life when this will only put me in a worse state for the future?”. 

           In conclusion, addiction is a desire to have temporary pleasure that may be difficult for an individual to have under control and manageable. Addiction is developed when toleration is at a high-level, whether it could be a substance, parts of the internet, video gaming. As a former addict, I would like to say that every time we follow an addictive behavior such as a drug, we want the pleasure and satisfaction that it gave us the first time, so we continue performing these actions in hopes to get the same feeling as we did at the start. At the end of the day, consequences are guaranteed to be dealt with as they may affect the people around you such as family. Although addiction may seem frightening, remedies are always out there to help you. Reach out to your local hotline and just conversate as that may help.

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