Drug Rehab 2021 Round 1 – A Voice for All


A Voice for All

A Voice for All

By: Tracey Enser

I will never forget that moment. For some reason I woke up in the middle of the night and had the urge to go downstairs for a midnight snack. As I stood in the kitchen, something wasn’t right. I heard an awful noise coming from the bathroom. It is not unusual for my loved one to spend quite a bit of time in the bathroom. I decided to go in anyways. I will never forget the moments after turning that knob and entering the bathroom. My loved one was lying on the floor, a blue color I cannot even describe, covered in vomit, and struggling to breathe. In an instant I started giving them CPR and called 911. I knew making this phone call was going to change their life forever. There would be consequences. There was no way to hide that they had overdosed on drugs.

The part of the story that must be shared is what happened the previous month. My loved one was in and out of detox. They were asking multiple people for help. They would last about two days at the detox facilities and then say they wanted to come home. We had an agreement that I would stand strong and say no. Unfortunately, the detox centers could not hold them and a cab would be sent to the house. I knew we would be repeating the cycle again. Drugs had become their centerpiece and their brain alterations due to chemical dependency would beat their urges to live a sober life.

What happens when you have no control over your brain? Consequences. I was keeping them from their centerpiece. They would do anything in their power to get that feeling their brain felt was needed. The only way to keep them out of the cycle was to call 911. At this point, I would either lose them to death or lose them due to time in jail. The latter definitely was the better option because we needed them alive.

This individual and others suffering from addiction have a purpose in life. They can be successful. Options need to be available immediately when they ask for help, not 2 weeks, 4 weeks, or 6 weeks later. Options need to be affordable. We also need to be willing to set boundaries and tell the truth. When you start to see a loved one go down the road of addiction, do not wait.

I am a religious person and believe in the power of prayer. Pray for that person and let them know they are not alone. Support them 100% in getting better and working toward a successful, sober life. Many times, the individuals have burned bridges because their choices. As difficult as it is, loved ones, please show acceptance and unconditional love. Keep trying and show them you will not give up.

My experiences have encouraged me to go back to school and get a Masters Degree in Counseling with an emphasis in mental health and substance abuse. I also plan to start an addiction clinic. I feel strongly that individuals need to be educated as young as age 10 on the impact of addiction. Families need support. The active addict and recovery addict need resources, job support, and methods to find housing. When you do not know what to do, or how to move on, this makes it more difficult and we will show, with God, there is a way!