Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 – Whiskey’s Laugh


Whiskey’s Laugh

Whiskey’s laugh

Addiction is defined by someone’s need for a substance, they think that they have to have it, or they will die. Addiction can be from all different things but one of the most common addictive substances is alcohol. In the year of 2020, alcohol sales went up 54% by the end of March compared to the sale rates of 2019. Addiction is the result of trying to cover up pain and once Corona hit, less people busied themselves with life but instead they sat in sadness and began to drink. Addiction has always been apart of life for many families and a majority of people who have no addiction cannot go a day in their life without saying they have been in any form of a relationship with someone that has an addiction. In today’s society I think addiction is not more drastic, it is just majority of different substances and now society speaks out about this issue more than in history. Addiction does not come alone, there are so many strings attached to it that with change lives of the addict and their community. For instance, if someone is addicted to alcohol they will walk on the fine line of their own health. Abusing alcohol creates a multitude of problems for your own health and even changes who you are as a person. You can become abusive, angry, or depressed. While you spiral through the cycle of this addiction your family might be affected through abuse that you never meant to cause or they might financial hardships because of the added expenses that you spend at bars and liquor stores. Addiction is not a light topic and it should not be shunned on by society. The root of addiction is from the search to fill a void like loosing someone or not being good enough.