Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - What's The Holdup?

Name: Isaiah Langston
From: Firth, NE
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What’s The Holdup?

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Isaiah Langston

Seasons In Malibu

3 November 2020

What’s The Holdup?

Addiction affects every aspect of society. Today in America, specifically, addiction is as prevalent as ever. There are a wide range of aspects of society that one can hold responsible, and most of them probably are in fact to blame in some fashion. However, it all ultimately boils down to education. Fixing America’s education system is the most viable solution to the addiction epidemic. There’s absolutely no drawback to bettering the schooling system. Lack of proper education is the largest contributor to the addiction crisis facing America and the world as a whole. Most people will likely agree, however, not everyone realizes just how bad addiction is. The cause and solution to this problem are one and the same: the education system desperately needs to be reformed.

It’s not hard to see that society is dealing with a major addiction crisis: however, the cause of that crisis is up for discussion. So many factors and facets of life and society can cause someone to turn to substance abuse. Improper education on the risks of drugs and alcohol, however, is a leading cause. Schools must not simply say, “Cocaine is bad.” Why is it bad? Why should students stay away from it? This is the type of education society needs. Not to mention the school system in general. The stress of the current education system can drive one to turn to substance abuse just to be able to relax for a time. The current school system is extremely detrimental to the mental health of the students. When mental health is ignored, the impacted attempt to fix it themselves. One of the most accessible methods of “self help” is addictive substances. The key isn’t making it harder to obtain drugs, it’s ridding students of the need for them.

Whether drugs and other substances are inherently bad is up for discussion, but everyone should be able to agree that addiction and dependency on them is indeed a problem. Substance abuse and addiction can tear families apart, lead to poverty, and deteriorate physical, social, and emotional wellbeing. Now every substance is different, but the side effects of addiction are alike whether it’s prescription drugs, opioids, alcohol, hallucinogens, etc. It doesn’t matter what drug it is. It could be cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, LSD, or any other number of substances; they’re all addictive. Some drugs of course, are more risky than others and have a higher addiction factor, but once addicted, the results are very similar regardless of which substance the person fell victim to. Least to say, none of these results are too beneficial.

A problem such as the current addiction epidemic can be approached in a number of ways; however, the most effective solution is education reform. This starts with paying teachers more. Teaching might be the most important profession in the world today. Without proper education (which takes good teachers), society will fail. The current schooling system is not inherently broken. There are a vast number of good schools and teachers out there. However, equal opportunity and access to these quality schools is crucial. Every child needs access to high quality education, or else they can get caught in the vicious poverty loop because of unequal opportunity. Now, there are a lot of things the government could do to change the current predicament, but unlike other tactics, education reform has the potential to cause a massive snowball effect. First and foremost, higher quality education and equal access to it will lead to a better universal standard of living. High quality education could be the key to slowing the exponential growth of the human population. As the standard of living rises, families have less children. The poverty rate will fall as people will be able to find better jobs, which will just cause the economy to boom. Of course, no one can be absolutely certain that better education will eliminate all of these problems, but what is the problem with trying? The potential is there, and the risk is tremendously low. Remodeling the education system is well worth investing in as a society.

The key to solving the addiction crisis facing the world today is education reformation. Lack of quality education and unequal access to higher level education is the problem, but it can be fixed. It won’t be extremely easy, but it’s well worth it. The substances themselves are not the problem, it is the dependency on them that is tearing lives apart. Raising our standards of education in the United States and across the world has the potential to change society as a whole. The drawbacks are virtually nonexistent, so what’s the hold up?


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Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - What's The Holdup?
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