Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 – They Are Victims Too

Name: William

They Are Victims Too

I believe our nation is dealing with an addiction crisis due to the availability of such resources. Referring to drugs, they are extremely common within America. On television, there are many drug-related advertisements claiming to treat health problems, help you achieve something, or even cure something you have. On every channel people tune into, there will always be an ad relating to a drug. According to, “… the research firm Kantar, spending on advertising by pharmaceutical companies in the US reached $6.4 billion in 2016 – a rise of 64% since 2012.” The amount of money used to put these ads on US television demonstrates how the advertisers know that the effectiveness of these ads is remarkable. When children and adults see these types of ads frequently, they believe that if they take it then it will help them with whatever problem they have. Also, doctors prescribe many drugs to their patients even when they do not need them. I can tell you the countless times I have seen doctors prescribe my parents numerous amounts of drugs for a simple condition that could be fixed naturally. In addition, many doctors get paid by these pharmaceutical companies to advertise these drugs for their patients.

The consequences for these addictions are disastrous. People lost family, friends, time, and portions of their life during these addictions and sometimes they can never get them back. Therefore, it puts the victim in a deep whole which they are struggling to escape, and they unknowingly kill their body. Then, the ones who do not have access to rehab may end up going to jail and the withdrawals make them severely sick so they cannot do anything. Effectively, putting them on an endless cycle of self-deterioration. As a society, we see people suffering from addiction on the streets and people view them as bad influences even though they are just helpless victims who need help.

To remedy this, the individual must find help before it’s too late if they are able to. By finding help they can get an alternate outlet that moves them away from the addiction and build themselves back up. Then as a society, we must help people facing addictions. We cannot judge them and label them as negative influences when they may have just been a victim who got entrapped in the claws of fatal addictions. Also, we have to reduce ads on many of these products which can be addictive because then it does not give them a platform to reach people who can easily become addicted off of these products.