Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 – The US addiction


The US addiction

Isaiah Hinzman


The US Addiction

As Americans, we have changed the focus of ADcition in the United States. From the War on Drugs to the opioid crisis The US Government hasn’t held a clear stance on helping Americans with this but made it worse.


I believe the united states has been dealing with an addiction crisis but always fails to control it. When President Ronald Reagan declared The War on Dungs all it did was cause the Incrastrstion rates to increase and ever since then the government has just made it worse; like when President Bill Clinton signed the 1994 crime bill into law all it did was attach miniotiores but never solved are addiction crisis.


The consequences of this addiction for the individual and society was that it caused family separations and the kids never seeing their parent for years because they were put in prison. As a society, it has hurt us because countries look up to s and yet we can’t control the addiction crisis.


I believe the way we can remedy the crisis is by putting a stop at just arresting people for using drugs and instead create rehabilitation centers and safe places for those with addiction to use their drugs while under surveillance. This is one of the many ways I see the United States government can do to slow down the addiction crisis in this country.


In conclusion, the US may have an addiction crisis and there are ways we can control the spread but we haven’t held enough attention to the spotlight.