Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 – The Silence that Needs to be Heard


The Silence that Needs to be Heard

Our nation is on the rise with an addiction crisis because of the problems faced in society. Especially in my generation. There are many things that a human eye can’t see such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and many more. Unfortunately, much of society has taken to drugs, drinking and, substance abuse in order to cope with life. We all know that life is never going to be easy. Life can be challenging and it throws so many obstacles that get in our way of moving forward to where we ought to be. This nation is dealing with a surplus of addiction issues because people become lost. They become helpless. They become depressed. People don’t know how to live with themselves. They get lost within their own darkness and they want to escape. They want to feel things and experience the happiness that others can. Unfortunately for some, they find an escape through addiction. When a person begins coping with life through substance abuse or drinking, they change. They change in a way that they get even more lost in themselves. They know it’s not the best escape but to them, it’s the only escape. There are many short and long-term effects when one steps into the path of addiction for an individual. Long-term effects may include heart disease, lung disease, cancer, mental illness worsening if they had it previously, and even how they experience every-day life will switch. A drug abuser may become unable to control themselves and their urges. They begin to lose control of their temper, are unable to make decisions clearly and their memory becomes distorted. Society becomes affected by addiction as well in numerous ways because addiction has an effect on the community and family. This individual may be addicted but, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect the lives around them. Friends, family, and others who took to the presence of this individual suffering from abuse can endure emotional pain or suffer if this abuser dies or keeps worsening. We can help individuals and society suffering from substance abuse by listening and identifying the cause as to why they went down the wrong road. If we identify the cause, we can help sooner. We can be there for them in their darkest moments before they drown. Building trust with an abuser is something that is key to establishing a better understanding of their situation which makes them feel as though they can trust you and tell you about what it’s like and how they feel. Communication is how things really get done. We can prevent future generations and other people from falling down the wrong path. The issue that we will come across is that many individuals ignore the fact that they can get help or feel as if though they can’t explain what they are going through so they take to the escape of drugs, drinking, or even substance abuse. Society needs to develop an understanding of why these abusers are where they are because when one understands the true, full story, one can fully invest the time in helping that individual and society as a whole.