Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - The Overview of Addiction

Name: Andrea Rodriguez Barroso
From: Corpus Christi, Texas
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The Overview of Addiction

The Overview of Addiction

   Addiction has always been a problem in our nation, and it is not limited to certain people anyone can get addicted to any kind of substance. The rate of how bad addiction has gotten is a big issue in America that has spread to all kinds of age groups ranging from teenagers to even the elderly. I am sure that most already know about these issues, but that is the problem, that everyone knows about it, but not many are willing to do anything to stop it themselves. With addiction at an all-time high everyone has to step up to stop what I would call a nationwide disease of addiction.

   When I was in high school, I witnessed countless people that were going through nicotine addiction. It is really concerning that there are also kids in high schools also getting addicted to a substance that they should not even be able to get their hands on. Sadly, there are people who will give addictive substances like nicotine to teenagers to make some extra profit without realizing the harm that they are inflicting on these kid’s lives. All kinds of people have a role to play in addiction weather they fall victim to it or serve it.

I have not witnessed much more types of addiction firsthand, but I do know second hand that drinking can also ruin families that were happy and perfect. I have a good friend that went through this and I am sure many other families have too. They a perfectly happy family of three that was until her dad’s old drinking habits came back to haunt over their family. Once her dad’s addiction resurfaced, he could not drop the bottle and no matter what they tried they could not get him to drop it. Due to this eventually it got to a point where her mom could not stand it anymore and gave him a choice and he chose the bottle.

I have not even mentioned the problem with drug addiction which may not be one of the leading causes of addiction in America, but how addictive it can really be makes it so much worse. Drugs in America like cocaine and heroin are highly addictive substances, so addictive to the point where some can never stop using. I am sure that most people have seen some of the things that these drugs can do to someone on tv or the news, but you and I would never be able to comprehend the pain it would cause to an addict on one of these drugs to quit. This is even more of a reason for more people to stand up and try to help people going through this struggle and if possible, stop it before it happens.

Nicotine/tobacco, alcohol, and drugs in my opinion are the three biggest cases of addiction in America and the number of people that succumb to these addictions only grow higher every day. If we really want to help these people and slow down the rise of addiction all over America then just do something, anything will help no matter how small of an action you make it will help. It can be as small as putting a sign on your yard or just report if you see any kind of substance abuse under the age or illegally.

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Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - The Overview of Addiction
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