Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 – The Opioid Addiction Pandemic

Name: Skylar

The Opioid Addiction Pandemic

There is a pandemic sweeping our streets and no one is talking about it. Opioid addiction is taking beautiful souls from this planet either by killing them or making them a different person. When someone is in the peak of their addiction they are no longer the person you knew and loved, they are different. The only thing that matters is getting that fix because whatever is it that they are addicted to makes them feel better, short term. The addict’s life is turned upside down, they may lose a job, a house, friends and family. They can go from a happy healthy individual to someone who just is looking for their next fix in what seems like overnight. This addiction is sweeping this nation and there is a reason for it, a few reasons. The pharmaceutical industry is creating addicts, they are encouraging every doctor and medical professional across the United States to prescribe these highly addictive drugs such as Oxycontin for mild pain. These drugs are being prescribed for the pain they were not made for, Oxycontin was created to ease the pain of cancer patients and it is being prescribed for teeth getting pulled. This is what is creating addicts but the treatment of the addits is what makes them stay addicts. They are shunned from society, a disgrace that no one wants to deal with which only makes their pain worse, making them need to continue numbing. It does not matter the addiction someone faces if they are an addict society treats them poorly. These two things create the perfect combination for addicts, it is the perfect storm. Addicts need to be treated like a human being, because they are human beings. They do not need to be shamed. If society could just be kinder to addicts, if we could start calling out the pharmaceutical companies for what they are doing this epidemic might start to calm down. We just need to treat this with compassion and