Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - The Learning Drug

Name: Asaph Paz
From: Tempe, AZ
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The Learning Drug


The Learning Drug

By: Asaph Paz

In the essay that i will be composing, what i’m going to talk about is drug addiction in america and why it can affect our society and individuality. In our society we often look at the victim with no compassion or we say that they are not competent enough to do the task that we as people ask them to do. Our biases in people who have drug addiction we call them derogatory names for example including my own bias of people and although drug addiction has not killed my family i’ve seen it first hand what has done to my community with the effects that it took on . The drug i will be talking about are drugs of the 1960’s and now is particularly marijuana


The way that americans are dealing with a addiction crisis today is because we were taught that drugs are always good in ways that we can forget about how the world see us and which the social outcasts who don’t fit in the majority or was once the majority in the past don’t fit in anymore look at the hippie movement of the late 1960’s in where a teenagers, college kids along with some adults partook in drugs like ecstasy, lsd, shrooms, marijuana, along with pressure’s from their parents and society it felt like an escape. Bias plays a form in ways we see people and in my humble opinion that’s how we are still dealing with it.. because at the time Timothy Lear of Harvard University took a poll back in 1969 in where about 43% of americans thought that marijuana was taken by high school kids.. while 4% of adults actually took the drug knowing the side effects while 34% did not know what the effects of marijuana. Today in society we see that more and more teenagers and young adults.


Growing up… the consequences that I took on my and many black and latinx teenagers in the world are we are taken to church or we get a spanking from our parental or guardian.. Another consequence that we and society often take is that we get thrown in jail or juvie and for that we get time in jailhouses and often brown and black boys and men we don’t have our charges dropped and if we do get them dropped it goes on our records for employers to look at and even then it takes forever to get the charges dropped or removed from the records.


In conclusion to this essay the way we society can remedy the crisis on individual and societal level is simple it’s listen to our black and latinx youth and young adults give the resources that we have to make them feel as though they are wanted in a society where they are told they won’t be nothing or that they are statistics or they won’t amount to anything in which we can look at them in the eyes and say you are worth it you have a story to tell.


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Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - The Learning Drug
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