Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 – The Epidemic of Drug Addiction


The Epidemic of Drug Addiction

The Epidemic of Drug Addiction

Michael Jady Spence


My name is Michael Jady Spence, I am a recovering addict. I have been sober from drugs a little over three, (3), years now. I actively started using Marijuana at age ten, (10) and Methamphetamine at age eleven, (11). I actively used any and all drugs for around thirty four years, (34). Having this experience is why I believe that I can write about the truth of the crisis on a deeper, more personal level. I know what it did to me, the people directly involved with me, and friends of others.

Why I believe we as a nation are dealing with an addiction crisis, well here in Idaho, I have been witness to the movement of illegal drugs that were once hard to find, become a never ending flood in the streets. The cartel’s presence is now here and stronger than ever. Gangs are owning more business, and becoming more well organized than ever before. The murder rate has gone up and violence is of no big conseqence to see in public, it all goes hand in hand.The sex trafficing of young kids is all but ignored here, and now since the opioid epidimic hit so hard the number of homeless has more than doubled. Most the homeless are a direct result of one drug or the other. Methamphetamine, Heroin, Ecstasy and Molly are your most prevalent drugs here in Idaho.

I work, and also live at a motel6, until I can buy my house that is, so I see first hand how many drug bust there are here, as well as the prostitution bust. When you talk to these young girls, boys, and even the older ones, they all will tell you it started out with a pill or, just curiosity because of a friend. However, It soon turned into a drive worse than hunger itself. I know that for myself, I absolutely lost all interest in anything other than the getting and using of drugs. To obtain the funding of these drugs, I would do just about anything. I have been known to go into houses, not knowing if people were home or not. It just didn’t matter to me anymore. I didn’t care if I was killed in the process, or if I would have to kill someone myself. All of this is a direct consequence of drug addiction for everyone in the nation, whether you use it or not, and that is why it is a national crisis. It goes beyond any border or wall erected. When you sit and watch the newer documentaries about drugs and or gangs, it’s always together. I watched a new series on Netflix, called,”the Business of Drugs”. This series is probably one of the most informative documentaries on the actual business side of drugs that I have ever seen as of late. However, in that business there are the slaves, the working families that have no choice, the wars and political movements that back them, and the death and destruction of the addicts. This is most definitely a global epidemic and national crisis.

How can we stop it, I can say that it’s not by legalizing it. That, I feel, will just create more addicts, look what happened with legal opioids. More addicts, more death, more crime. I believe if laws were more strict, dealers went to prison for life, not 5 or 6 years or months, they might think a little more on not selling them. I also believe that they shouldn’t be given free cable television, at taxpayer expense, should be an option like they are being rewarded for what they did. I can tell you frome my own personal struggles with addiction, no amount of prison time, no rehab, no program will get you to stop if you are an addict. You will only stop when you are done and or dead.

The program that I am in now is to become involved with drug addiction in the corrections field. I did fourteen years in prison myself over my addiction. I didn’t really identify with the people trying to help me because they were just book smart, not addicts. They had no idea what addiction was really like, I believe this will give me a little bit of an advantage in reaching people. That is my hope anyway.