Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - The Dark Times

Name: Olivia Yi
From: Edmond, Oklahoma
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The Dark Times


The Dark Times

Drug abuse is one of the darkest things someone can suffer. Molly Williams, my grandmother, was one of the strongest women I have encountered in my eighteen years here. Life got too heavy for her to handle alone, and instead of choosing another path, she chose to numb the pain with drugs. I believe people choose this path when they feel they have nothing or nobody to go to. People can have the most supportive people, the greatest job, a beautiful home, but deep down have problems they feel are too heavy for others to handle. Drugs these days are too easy to obtain. My Grammy got hers from a doctor who prescribed her a ridiculous amount of prescription-grade drugs. There needs to be a way to stop these people who are hurting not only the ones taking the drugs but the families who essentially could lose them. We need better systems these people can fall back on. People need to know there are places for them and support that’s not going to leave them without any money.

When my grandmother fell into this life, I was young and didn’t know what was going on. I started to realize the little things. She would talk and talk for days, but suddenly it was kind of like talking to a ghost. She wasn’t fully there during the day. She would sleep all day and sit in her room at night. Little did I know it was the drugs chipping away at her beautiful soul. Molly was a light and loved her babies and grandbabies more than anything in the world. My mom knew something was up when she started getting distant with the people who she loved the most. My mom went months not speaking to her. She made promises she deep down wanted to keep, but the drugs had a hold on her she couldn’t break. After broken promises and broken promises, my om had to distance herself. My mom knew it was getting worse so she made the hard decision and drove up to Tulsa, where my grandmother lived. Unannounced, my mom and aunt went to pick her up to attempt to save my grandmother from the nasty hold drugs had on her. When they arrived, she was in a state my mom never wanted to see, but she put her in the car and drove to the only rehab facility that would take her. She spent her time in there, and we all thought she was on the road to getting better.

We let her back in our lives, and she honestly seemed like the happy Grammy we all missed. She was trying. She spent this one night talking and laughing with my mom for hours. Little did my mom know it was the last normal conversation she would have with her mother. On her way home, she was high, and she caused a vehicle accident. She was thankfully ok, but that was going to be the last time we heard from our Grammy. My mom stopped all contact from our family because she didn’t want us to get our hopes up just to have her back in her old ways. Months later on November twentieth, we lost her to the fight against drugs. Her house caught fire, and she got too high and passed out. She was unable to make it out. My mom got the call, and all I remember was sitting there crying with her.

It was hard knowing my grandmother had passed, and I hadn’t spoken to her for months. That’s what drugs do. They take away the person you love and replace them with someone you can’t even talk to. When some time had passed, they started investigating, and they found out a doctor had prescribed her an extreme amount of prescription drugs. It’s sad people like that doctor who will choose money over life. I know she’s happier now, and I know she’s looking at all her babies and grandbabies so proud of all of us. Drugs destroy lives and push people into a darkness that controls them. We have to do better.

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Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - The Dark Times
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