Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 – The danger of relapse


The danger of relapse

The danger of relapse


As people we are all born with a void in our hearts, and we always try to fill it, we seek to fill it in distractions, in the love of people, or sometimes in substances that make us feel good, however many times we do not succeed, and this void grows and grows, the problem with this is that when we find something that makes us feel good temporarily, we cling to it even though it often hurts us and this is what addictions produce. We seek to fill ourselves with temporary pleasures and we resort to them frequently, and if in a moment we manage to leave them, it is common that when we feel empty again we resort to that which made us feel “alive”.


We cannot live a life simply ignoring the problems that surround us, currently, the United States suffers a fairly severe addiction crisis, every 19 minutes there is a death from a heroin overdose, there are more than 66 million addicts to this drug, and 27 million alcohol addicts, these are some of the data that we know, however, there is a great variety of drugs and these data is only from two of them. A report estimated that the combined annual economic impact of alcohol abuse and illegal drug addiction amounts to 442 billion dollars, to understand a little better, this figure is almost double the expenses incurred because of diabetes. These are real problems, many times we lock ourselves in a bubble and let everything remain the same, but we have to be aware of the current situation. Sadly only 10% of addicts in the country treat their problems, which means that there are millions of people out there at risk of losing their families, seriously damaging their systems, or even dying. But how serious is an addiction? What problems do they generate? Regardless of the addiction, our bodies are physically effected, some directly affect our nervous system, others damage important organs in our body, even some wear out external tissues. Unfortunately, it does not stay there, the behavior of the addict is also affected, their anxiety, and stress increase, and since there is a dependence on something specific, when leaving it the reactions can be very complicated, also affecting the people around them. My parents were youth pastors in a church, in Ciudad Juarez, one day they met a heroin addict, for some reason they became very fond of him, and they took him off the streets making the decision to take him to live in our house, this man was restored, he left that complicated life behind, while I grew up this man became part of the family, he became an uncle for us, we called him “the cat” because he had big, green eyes like those of a cat, I remember spending time by his side was always funny, he made a noise with his mouth that always made us laugh, one day he decided to leave the city because he wanted to go to a Biblical Institute, although we were going to miss him, we were happy for who he was, after a while, he got married, I always thought about how his life had changed, but one day, he relapsed, he returned to drugs, and his life took a turn again, he had problems with his wife and returned to Juarez, he went to live with his younger brother. One day I was playing with my cousins, when my father answered the phone, his face changed in a moment, from laughing, his face froze, at that moment I realized that something had happened when my father ended the call he gave us the news that “The cat” and his younger brother died looking for drugs, both were beaten to death, that day we not only lost a friend, we lost family, I lost an uncle I loved. This is one of the millions of cases, I know that I am not the only one who has experienced something like this, many people have been affected by these situations, because addictions not only affects the addict but also society, causing pain and affecting emotional, and economic aspects, often leaving the needs of families below addictions.


Addictions are not something that you simply get out of, it is a process and there will always be the danger of relapse, for this, I believe that as a society we must pay attention to these people who fight day by day with addictions, many times we judge when what we must do is embrace and support, let’s stop driving people away for their addictions and start fighting by their side, in this way we can help the addict to be free and feel loved, and the society reducing the problems that addictions generate.