Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Slaves to Addiction

Name: Patricia Marquez
From: Denver, Colorado
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Slaves to Addiction


Addiction can take on many forms, but the first that comes to mind when discussing addiction is drug and alcohol addiction. As a nation we are dealing with an addiction crisis because a leading cause of death in our nation is drug overdose. This is a crisis because of the danger associated with addiction is death and destruction to ones mind, body, and soul along with destruction in homes, families, and communities. Addiction is a crisis in our nation because its overtaking young, middle aged, and old people. People of different race, culture, and ethnicity. With easy access to drugs and alcohol people are being overtaken by the downfall of addiction with little to no help provided. Nations and states easily provide the substances and alcohol that people become addicted to, yet dont easily provide help for addicted individuals.

Consequences of addiction for the individual is consuming their life not allowing them to functionally participant in life. At the individual level this is a crisis because individuals who were once vibrant full of life with light in their eyes, are now suffering, lifeless, with darkness in their eyes because they are addicted, dependent on a substance, behavior, or alcohol. The individual stops becoming a mother, a father, a sister, a brother and becomes a person addicted with their life revolving around their addiction. The consequences of addiction for the society is losing individuals who once contributed their talents, thoughts, and gifts to their society and communities. The society is now lacking individuals who were once vital to their communities and families, but now are addicted and not contributing to their communities or families.

How we remedy the crisis of addiction at the societal level is finding an alternative for legalizing drugs, such as marijuana, methamphetamine, and cocaine, along with marketing alcohol in a manner of reality. The alternative for legalizing and decriminalizing drugs would be to keep drugs illegal and instead of criminalizing individuals for drug possession provide rehab and support groups to the addicted individual. Also when considering how society and the media markets drugs and alcohol one can note that there is no disclaimer about just how additive substances and alcohol are or can be for an individual. At a societal level we need to educate the society about the effects addiction causes to ones mind, body, soul. We need to show the reality of how addiction is destructive to the individual, the family, and the community. At the societal level we need to share the narrative of truth regarding addiction and how substances and alcohol can become very addictive for individuals. As a society we need to educate the public about warning signs that one is becoming reliant on a substance, alcohol, or a behavior. Then what to do and how to get help once they notice the first signs. Help needs to be affordable and with easily accessible. How we remedy the crisis of addiction at the individual level is become more mindful when consuming alcoholic beverages. For example does one notice that after a stressful day at work they are wanting to get off and drink, if so what could one do instead of turning to alcohol for comfort and ease. Also before engaging in legal drugs such as marijuana understand that marijuana can be addictive and is a gateway drug for other harmful drugs. The individual can be mindful of when theyre wanting to consume the drug, for example is one using the drug for escape or coping with difficulties of life.

Addiction is a crisis that needs our attention.


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Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Slaves to Addiction
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