Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Silence is Pain

Name: Lilian Brunclik
From: Tempe, Arizona
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Silence is Pain

Lily Brunclik 11/05/2020

Silence is Pain


Addiction is a common problem that many people struggle with, but do not open up


about. These individuals often turn to substances for several reasons. These reasons range from peer pressure, to being used as a coping mechanism. I believe we as a nation are struggling with an addiction crisis because substance abuse has been normalized within society. The terms drug dealing and alcoholic are seen so often in society today that people tend to look past the deeper meaning. If someone were to refer to themselves as an addict at a young age, their friends will often laugh it off and refuse to take the matter seriously. The problem is, addiction can start at

any age and that is what people forget. When people are devastated or let down in life, many


choose to turn to substances to make them feel whole again. This is portrayed in movies, stories, and many other types of media. This image can easily be changed, and be a reminder that there are so many healthier ways to cope.

The consequences of addiction are endless. People forget about consequences because they figure those only exist if they get caught. The reality is addicts face consequences everyday they continue to abuse substances. It takes a toll on a person’s mental and physical health. If

addiction does not kill a person itself, suicide is often another sad and forgotten consequence. Aside from death, the consequences also include mental health disorders such as depression, physical body pains and disease, as well as debt. Individuals and society are losing loved one’s

everyday to addiction. The individuals often hide in the shadows repeatedly denying they have a problem because of the judgements society brings. The sooner an individual receives help, the

better off they will be in turning their life around. Society and individual members can work together to make these consequences more aware to the general population.

Many individuals struggle to get help. Either they are hesitant for personal reasons, or they do not know the first step in finding this help. Individuals and society can meet halfway in this crisis to decrease the numbers of addiction. Society can do their part to advertise the resources these individuals need. Whether it is billboards, social media ads, or websites, there is no such thing as too many resources when it comes to a person’s health. Individuals can do their part one by one and make the effort to fix the normalization of substance abuse. They can step up and speak about experiences they have faced, or voice their opinions on the matter. They can

encourage their loved ones to seek help, and never take the matter of addiction lightly. Changes can be made everyday, and then little by little society will see improvement. Do not let that friend, family member, or acquaintance suffer in silence. That silence is indescribable pain. Be the difference in their life. There are endless changes that can be made. That change can start

with you, and it can start today.

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Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Silence is Pain
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