Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Rise in addictions

Name: Alexandra L. Estrada
From: El Paso, Texas
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Rise in addictions

Alexandra L. Estrada.



Have you ever wondered why do the people became addict? The kind of life that our society has develop in the latest decades has made that the human lives with stressful life and in this routine life the persons tend to search for a stimulus or escape that made the life feels better and this situation have been increasing. Some of the problems that this incretion has cause, such as the augmentation of the delinquency, family problems and health issues.

The most common people who became addicts are teenagers and young adults so when these persons need to satisfy their addiction but do not count with the money to buy it is when they started to commit crimes. There are studies that demonstrate that there has been an increment in the youth delinquency related to their used of the drugs (Crowe, 1998). This problem also has its consequences that affect the individual and their environment.

Another consequence that the addictions cause are the family problems. The family is the main social circle of every individual, so it is not strange that if the behavior of one of its members changes, the first to realize it will be them. Like Crowe (1998) state “Substance abuse can drain a family’s financial and emotional resources.” The abuse of any substance can only bring problems but not only to the individual’s family but to the individual himself.

The last consequence that the addictions generate are the health issues. Substance abuse generates the degeneration of the health of individuals, some examples of this health problems are overdoses effects, injuries due car accidents, and other (Crowe,1998). Moreover, this issue are not only physical but mental as well, there is a large list of the mental problems that the abuse of substance generate like depression, personality disfunction, among others (Crowe,1998). This rise of addictions needs a solution to prevent all these consequences.

To conclude is important to know that this is a very complex problem that requires a variety of steps to be solve but one possible solution would be to have young people have a talk with experts about the use and abuse of addictive substances from high school to keep them informed of the risks and consequences that these substances bring with them.



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Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Rise in addictions
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