Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 – Progression for the fellow neighbor


Progression for the fellow neighbor

Progression for the fellow neighbor

Stress is something that the natural man experiences whether that’s a small constant or an immediate large amount,nonetheless it comes to overwhelm. That’s why coping mechanisms were created to suit the desires of one. Progressive methods such as meditation,exercise or an adjustment to a diet prove to show a positive way to cope. These methods do take time to master and put to practice,leaving a lot of work to do.Negative ones such as aimless spending,excessive/under eating or substance abuse.Substance abuse is a much more enticing route of healing from stress because it presents a quick release of stress with zero effort required.It continues to present as the main choice due to it’s easy accessibility. Once you become reliant on this method of quick release of stress, it won’t be hard to find more resources to fuel this habit.This coping method progresses to a crutch, thus not gaining ,but trying to break even.By teaching progressive coping methods,it will help refine a skill to cater towards the balance of stress.It will seem more of a viable solution because such skills will become normalized and easy to approach.The experience of varying amounts of stress come with the need to balance for the sake of one’s health.Methods of coping vary to in amount of potential progression and effort it takes.Negative methods take equally from what you put into it.It makes it quick and easy, leading towards a downward spiral. By teaching progressive coping methods,the skills can be refined to approach our stress in the most beneficial way.

The intense desire to fuel this habit will spare no regard to any standard of self restraint.The only motive is to reach that level of relief.This will mean committing actions that will separate from those closest to you. Examples may include stealing/lying for means of resource,lack of care, lack of commitment.All these will result in the individual losing the trust and confidence of those around them.It will slowly deteriorate the closet relationships and leave the individual alone. With no relationships, the individual will continue to fall deeper in their addiction.This affects society because these individuals will then become large individuals that need support. A means of relearning how to function,how to cope, and how to refind lost relationships. Having so many people in need to recover will present an overwhelming need for people to help. Those willing to boost people with addiction are scarce because of how demanding it is to meet the specific needs of individuals and how many there are.By falling into the trap of addiction, individuals proceed to decay their relationships, possibly leaving them alone.Leading into a long line of those who need help and not many ready to help.


The best way to help addiction is to create a strong support system.By having such a critical tool, the heavy weight will only be lighter and much more approachable.By seeing what are the needs and wants of the individual, the one or many will know what an individual might need and benefit from. Simultaneously, by setting boundaries and rules, the individual will know how to proceed and be kept in a more clear path.By showing and explaining the importance of creating a support system that works for the individual, society will normalize helping those that struggle with addiction. Instead of making it seem like a premier charity event, it will seem much more sincere when helping our fellow neighbor out.