Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Love Battles Addiction

Name: Esther Low
From: Scottsdale, Arizona
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Love Battles Addiction

Esther Low

Addiction Awareness Scholarship

Love Fights Addiction

The nation is facing one of its most influential addiction crisis right now. Part of the fact is the addiction crisis is due to the global coronavirus pandemic and the troubles that affect each person personally when quarantined. Everyone lives a different life worth living, addiction is a battle worth fighting against.

We as a nation are dealing with an addiction crisis due to many factors including the global pandemic and the pressures of society. Being in quarantine affects many in a negative way since we are all used to being outside and going places everyday. Once contact with others are taken away, other activities are increased to make up for it, one may being an addiction. Addiction is something no one wants to experience, yet, sometimes some situations create a pit that is easy to fall into. Being alone also decreases the people that can hold a person accountable to staying safe and healthy for their own well being. People help their loved ones out of love, but when people are taken away in risk of getting sick, addiction becomes very common for someone to turn to.

Society is also a factor of addiction. When society rejects people who have had or are battling an addiction, rather than accepting and trying to help them, addiction rages on. People of society need to be loving and show kindness to people struggling with addiction so that they can find help and seek people that will encourage, rather than talk down to them. The nation needs to learn how to love more, more kindness, more compassion towards not only those we love already but also to those who need our love even if they do not deserve it.

There are many consequences for both the individual and society with the risk of addiction. The individual with an addiction may feel ever worse with the loneliness and the suppression of an addiction does not help as much as they thought. Addiction may push the person into further troubles depending on who they are. Addiction in a society is like a virus spreading throughout. It may spread through word of mouth or maybe just to fit into a society a person may feel like they have to claim an addiction. The consequences spread farther than I have listed, but they are endless and spreading faster than ever in our time.

Solving addiction is not a straight forward plan to follow because it is different for every person. Educating people is the best way to solve addiction by making people aware of what the consequences and signs of addiction are. In school, addiction should be accurately addressed rather than suppressed by teachers and staff to keep the information away from students. Education about addiction is the key to informing people about what society is struggling with. Telling people how to battle addiction without embarrassing them for having one, is how to respectfully educate one another. Families can also take part in addiction awareness by informing their children about what addiction is and why consequences of addiction will affect someone’s entire life.

The main solution to addiction is spreading awareness, love, and compassion in order to accept people who have an addiction while also helping them through it.

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Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Love Battles Addiction
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