Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 – It all starts by trying it once.


It all starts by trying it once.

It all starts by trying it once.


Addiction is craving for something severely, loss of power over its use, and continuing it knowing its harmful consequences. Addiction changes the brain, first by disrupting the way it registers pleasure and then by degrading other normal drives such as absorbing and reacting. Day by day our society is getting addicted to alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, heroin or cigarettes just to get rid of the pain, anxiety, depression, shameful acts or loneliness.


The crisis of substance abuse is somehow because of the influence of social networking and getting educated on buying risky products like fancy alcoholic drinks and drugs before the age permits. Young generation starts to use nicotine induced vapes for enjoyment and this is how they get addicted in using more drugs induced gadgets. Then everyone in the society starts consuming products that are illegal and smuggling them is how the scamps make money from. Also, peer pressure is enough for friends in their early twenties to begin casually drinking at parties and clubs. Too much of psychosis, stress, and trauma can easily lead one to be a heavy consumer of drugs to get relieved by their moral failure. For example, the military veterans use alcohol and drugs to unload their thoughts about reality and to cure their PTSD; but in actuality they are slowly getting used to going away from reality via consuming these dangerous materials.


The hazardous consequences that come with being an addict are loss of memory, taking vigorous decisions, bullying, being violent in family relations, dropping out of school, sexual abuse, robbery, going to jail, being financially weak, etc. Pleasure via alcohol creates excitement, by which the addicts are pawn to have a change in their behavior and judgements so when unconscious they fall while walking, cause car accidents or deliberately attacking to kill others. Additionally, underestimating one’s self and giving physical punishments as burns, scares and factures are commonly found. In extreme cases, drug addicts become so emotionally hopeless that they attempt to suicide rather than to live with their guilt. Some health issues occur that are high blood pressure, lever & lung failure, various types of cancers, etc. that permanently damage individual internally.


If these kinds of threatening addictions are not treated than there are chances for addicts to die early. It is not true that once they become an addict it is not possible for them to go back. Drug addicts often think that society should consider them as victims and not criminals. Of course, an alcohol or drug addict group is something no one intentionally wants to join. Those victims want to get help but they are afraid that on one is going to socially accept them, and that their obsession has changed their lifestyle and how people see them now. They deserve to be get help and the rehabilitation and drug treatment centers should offer them professional help via counselling and therapy sessions. To help victims not to be encouraged by the consumption of alcohol and drugs. We all know that escaping these mental health issues is not easy, but with our social work we can spread enough love and consideration to educate our society and nation to help treat this chronic health problem of addiction.