Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Ideas and A Story

Name: Jon Luevano
From: Cerritos, California
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Ideas and A Story

There’s a lot of different types of addiction our society faces at different social levels. With Generation Z the addiction of this age group seems to be nicotine from the widespread use of vaping products. Then once into adulthood there’s a greater chance of access to alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs. I think that entire generation understand that nicotine is an addictive substance would understand the side effects of building habits that are unhealthy. I do believe the reason for this is because of the lack of true social connections. Since this is the case for many people who fall into a spiral of addiction episodes. Some individuals believe the de-regulation of such drugs could benefit society and lower pirson incarncirations. But, that leaves a major access point for at-risk teens and young adults to become dependent on drugs or alcohol.


I think for the youth in America there is a lack of pure social connections is because of unstable households. America has a divorce rate of around 50% which makes half of American children growing up in an unstable household environment among other factors shaping the way kids see their parents and other relationships. With younger individuals being so impressionable there is a large gap being filled with provocative music being filled with talks of drug and alcohol use being normalized to make life seem better. Social Media and music play a part in this idea of use of diffrent substances and abusing substances being a trendy thing. There is ultimately a lack of education.


There should be education around drug usage and depths of alcoholism. The education system fails to properly talk about the long term effects of substance abuse. As a part of the Califrona education system. I was hardly talked to about drugs and alcohol as if it was a taboo subject. Even Red Ribbon Week wasn’t a proper teaching mechanism as it’s only a week out of the several dozens there are in a normal school year.


There are many consequences for substance abuse and I have my own story. I first want to say that not all stories are like this, but just the way my situation happened. My grandm had some issues mainly because she lost her husband while she had some young kids my mom and aunt. My grandmother smoked all the way up until my older brother was born because my mom told my grandma she had to stop smoking in order to be around my brother. Which my grandma did stop smoking for because she wanted to be with her grandkids and not hurt their lungs from secondhand smoke. I don’t know the timeline of her drinking issues. After my brother and I were born she starts to drink a lot which as a result caused her to get cirrhosis of the liver which slowly caused her to die because her liver couldn’t function normally. It got so bad cause she was so dependent on drinking and her liver was in such bad shape she started hallucinating and basically lost all of her muscle mass and was practically becoming purely skeletal. It was terrible to see such a strong women who gave up smoking to be with her grandkids all to die a slow and painful death because of addiction. Although my grandmother and I weren’t super close I will always have memories of her and left a lasting impact on how I could help others going throw the same issues or similar ones.


There just needs to be outlets for people to be able to go and get help, but at the end of the day a person has to want to get better. You can’t force somebody to get off their high or current way of life if they don’t want to change. But, for those who want help, there needs to be better coverage with insurance so that people can afford help because the cold turkey method often leads people down a rabbit hhole because they always urge to get back on substances.

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Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Ideas and A Story
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