Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - How addiction ruins society

Name: Claudia Schuurmans
From: rangely, Colorado
Votes: 0 Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - How addiction ruins society

How addiction ruins society

How addiction ruins society

Addiction is becoming an problem more often nowadays, as an international student from Amsterdam I can tell you that drugs destroy teenagers and even adults. Addiction arises when a person becomes more tolerant to the drugs and want more and more. People lost their life’s through addiction and we must find a solution to stop it. Drugs destroy society.

One of the first days of orientation at my college, an police agent gave us a lecture about alcohol and drugs. When he asked how many people know somebody that is addicted to drugs I was shocked, over 50% had relatives or a family friend that was or is addicted. The police agent used examples of Europe and drugs, but as a resident from Amsterdam I do not know anybody that is addicted to drugs even though drugs are legal back home. Nevertheless, drugs are a problem in Amsterdam, but it is controllable because it is legal.

Another aspect I mentioned when I arrived here is that Americans use a lot medication, also they use higher doses than I am used to. For example: In the USA women get a large amount of medications when they are giving birth, back home we only get medication when necessary. When I say to somebody that I have a headache, people immediately say “do you need any medications”, back home people say “just deal with it, it will go away eventually”. I think by giving more medication to people, people get more tolerant and need more. This all can lead to addiction as which the whole society can become addicted. When people do not get their pain medications after a while, they will look for other options, which might be illegal drugs and make it worse. If the society won’t do anything more and more people will become addicted.

The society can remedy this by decreasing medications for headaches for example. Because they will decrease it, people will get tolerant less easy. Another option is making some drugs legal, as we have in Amsterdam. People will get better quality drugs and cannot get more than a determined amount. This amount is not high enough to get addicted, but high enough to use at parties or other moments. The amount that is bought illegal will be lower and drug addiction will be more controllable.

Drug addiction is a big problem because of medication and the lack of good rules. It can be stopped easily to reduce medications so people won’t become tolerant easy and making some drugs legal to make it more controllable.


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Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - How addiction ruins society
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