Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Down the black hole

Name: Gabriela Boteo Flores
From: Tucson, Az
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Down the black hole

Gabriela Boteo Flores

November 29, 2020

Addiction! We as a nation are dealing with an addiction crisis because people want to ease off pain, hurt, or just want to fit in. It first starts off as fun and games. It starts off as feeling good; but eventually the feeling needs to be more intense and stronger. The person is not becoming who they really are and is starting to become into this person that they don’t even know. Addiction is starting to take over. I’ve seen addiction take over my brother from one day to another. My brother is such a sweet caring person and a loving dad, which came from amazing parents that love and support him. But getting influenced and trying to fit in led him into addiction. My brother has dealt with Heroin addiction for many years. He’s gone above and beyond to get his hands on that high. I remember being a little girl and walking in on him injecting himself. I was very little I wasn’t sure what was going on but all I remember was him freaking out that I walked in on him and making him loose his focus. He began to scream and said “GET OUT” I was scared and began to cry. I remember he began to bang on the door and cuss and said “I lost it”. As I grew older I began to learn and more about what was going on because my parents would talk about it. I would see my mom cry every night wondering what was going on with her son, would he make it home that night. My brother would sometimes come home and sometimes not and when he did he was always high on heroin. He brought many stolen stuff to the house, my parents didn’t know what to do. My older sister would tell my parents to kick him out of the house if he doesn’t want to stop but my parents just couldn’t abandon their son like that. My brother would steal from my parents and things from the house to sell at pawn shops just to get on that high. He fell deep into that black whole. My brother stopped caring about anyone in his life even his son. He would do anything to get on that high! It’s been rough years but here is hope at the end of the tunnel.

The consequence for my brother’s action was leading him into a dark whole that he felt he couldn’t get out of. He began to forget who he was and forget everyone around him. He would say something/someone overtook his life. That drug overtook his whole life. It took the relationship he had with his son. It took many great job opportunities, it took many memories that he could have created with his family. It took who he was. It led him into stealing and going to jail/prison multiple of times. He was just another criminal society saw around the streets. He was another criminal people were afraid of. But deep down that’s not who he really was; heroin was the criminal, heroin was who took over. It wasn’t fair for society to get things stolen and having to feel worried walking around their own home and towns. It led people in fear.

Support is big way we as a society and individuals can help addiction stop. Support them into helping them say there is a way out! I know it was hard for my family and me to see my brother go down that black hole; but no we kept praying and having hoped that he would overcome this addiction. We would tell him every day we are here for you, there is help out there! We have to remind ourselves addiction is not the person but it’s the drug itself. That one drug or whatever the addiction may be is the one that is overtaking our love ones and we need to be there to support along the way even from a distance support can go a long way. Talking about addiction to youth and young ones in an age appropriate way can help them renew their minds on taking that wrong path into any type of addiction. Being that person, school, friend, hospital, family to say I may not know exactly what an addict goes through but we are here to support them to get out of that addiction. Today my brother is getting the help he needs. We are rooting for him and I couldn’t be anymore thankful for the support there is out there for addicts. Goodbye black hole!

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Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Down the black hole
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