Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Dear Addicted

Name: Kingsley Nelson Jr.
From: Albuquerque, New Mexico
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Dear Addicted

Dear Addicted,

Addiction is, “a brain disorder characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli despite adverse consequences.and has been affecting the United States and the world since the beginning of time. As time goes by, we notice new stimuli are becoming new mediums of addiction to new people. I used to think having an addiction was being weak-minded and not having the mental toughness to cease the addicted activity. I used to think that addiction was a choice and that anyone could just control their brain to turn off that addiction, like a lightswitch. It wasn’t until after reading a couple of the other stories for this scholarship and actually performing research that I realized going through addiction is very similar to medical illness. I’m a high school nursing student from New Mexico. There’s a school here with a program for high schoolers to learn and understand the basics of nursing and in this class, we briefly touched on the topic of addiction, specifically addiction to controlled drugs. All addiction can’t really be understood by those who’ve never gone through it. It’s a mental and physical need for a substance that when withdrawn, causes major side effects to appear and it masks as an actual medical disorder. Addiction has shown to be prevalent in the US in many different ways. From drug addiction, to alcohol, to adult films, to many other subjects, and it’s proven to be slightly different in different people. Some people may refuse to believe they’re addicted and may not notice their habits, others may be on the brink of death and still won’t realize it, others may acknowledge they have an addiction, but choose not to take the necessary steps for remission, and that’s their personal choice. I think the reason why addiction is affecting the US so much is that people aren’t “checking in” on their relatives and friends. What I’m saying is that we aren’t checking in with our friends to see how they’re doing at this time, we’re not contacting them to make sure their physical and mental health and especially, psychosocial health, is intact and they’re doing well. As humans, we get very unusual when we’re alone and that’s a gateway to mental illness and addiction as well. Actively contacting relatives and friends, especially at this time when COVID-19 has afflicted us, is vital to the happiness of everyone. We thrive when we’re with others. Humans were made to interact with each other and build lifelong relationships and make something of themself. When this vital part of our lives is diminished, there’s no telling what could happen and addiction could be the least of it, because instead of depending on each other, we start depending on drugs, and alcohol, and adult films, and other things that can be harmful. The consequence of addiction is mental illness and a poor quality of life. People will become unhappier, suicide rates will rise, and the world wil not prosper. We can best remedy this crisis by contacting our loved ones and letting them know we care and prompting them to open up to us about how they’re feeling at that point in time. We must show the addicted that they can count on us again and that counting on what they’re addicted to will inevitably lead to their unhappiness and death. We can start actively interacting with each other, and technology can help us do that. For those who are addicted, you’re not alone, we are all here and we wish the best for you, you can count on us to care for you and don’t be afraid to open up to us. WE LOVE YOU and want the best for you. Thank you for your consideration for this scholarship and hope to hear from you soon.


Thank you,

Kingsley Nelson Jr.

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Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Dear Addicted
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