Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Dealing With Societal Addiction

Name: Sura Rasheed
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Dealing With Societal Addiction

Dealing With Societal Addiction

Addiction is a problem that U.S have been facing for many years. People addict on drugs or alcohol, and they can not stop from taking them. Health system and government tried to solve the dilemma by a plethora of solutions. For example, people use opioids drugs from doctor’s prescriptions, and they misuse it which they become addicted to it. There are people who use street drugs, or from a family member who use them. Alcoholic people never stop from drinking alcohol. Both drugs and alcohol have effects on people’s health because it damages the brain and other body organs. In addition, they both cause high death rates. Therefore, it would affect population number. To sum up, this obstacle would be solved with raising awareness to people and using the solutions from the government offered to the health system, so they would take all their precautions and avoid addiction.

Addiction impacts the society financially and socially. When people become addicted, they will spend all their money on drugs or alcohol. They are not able to have a career because their bodies are damaged to work and focus on their tasks. As a result, there will be a high percentage of unemployment causing an economic crisis. Also, individuals will only try to find money to spend it on what they are addicted to. Also, addiction leads to social problems. For instance, it will cause family problems because of the unconscious behavior of one of the family members. Divorces rates will increase due to the addiction of husband or wife. All people would avoid being with the addicted person. After all, this is how society is affected by addiction.

Raising an awareness of addiction to people will assist to deal with the difficulty of addiction. Although the government offers many programs to the health system to figure out the problem, and there are many pills and medication that lower the addiction, awareness is a vital step to decrease the addiction. People can raise awareness in Tv, or they go for an awareness campaign against addiction. Furthermore, they can print ads in mailboxes that state the damages on addiction. With spreading awareness, people would encourage others to consider the addiction as a death and to take care of their health. The misuse of drugs or alcohol can lead to many societal problems which people are aware of being addicted.


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Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Dealing With Societal Addiction
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