Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Dangers of Addiction: Technological Social Acceptance

Name: Isaac Hartman
From: Sheboygan, Wisconsin
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Dangers of Addiction: Technological Social Acceptance

Isaac Hartman

Addiction Awareness Scholarship Essay

November 2020

Dangers of Addiction: Technological Social Acceptance

The United States is obviously being affected by addiction. It’s clear that the entirety of the population has in one way or another dealt with an addictive drug, friend group, or some other type of addictive group or substance. The vital importance of being socially accepted is one that is constantly evolving and strengthening in the country, and people’s minds are being controlled by it. The outrageous forms of addiction today can consist of anything between online social media to true hard drugs like heroin. The feeling of being wanted and accepted by teenagers today has never been higher. But, whose fault is this? This is where parents and other older people simply get it all wrong. They think children have the option of wanting to fit in. But, even as a middle schooler and preteen, the feeling of acceptance has changed drastically in the last 100 years thanks to one thing; technology.

The outlook on technology today from adults compared to teenagers is insanely different. Parents often tend to look at technology as a distraction, or a nuisance and waste of time. But what they don’t understand is the importance of staying in touch with your friends and even family through the phone. They often think since they made it through their child and early adolescence without it there’s no reason their child cannot today. However, one thing they never seem to think is, these phone companies are a business. And businesses make money off of usage, so they have designed phones on purpose to reel children and other developing brains into the point they are on their phones more than they’re not. This silent but deadly process has claimed millions of lives, who dedicate hours upon hours of their day to their phones.

The long term effects of this addiction are unknown, since no one during this phone age has gotten old enough to develop eye problems or other types of screen related health issues. However, one clear mental issue being created by this is the overall social popularity contest. The consequences of this immense problem is being overlooked, even though suicide and self harm numbers have been oddly increasing since the dawn of Facebook and other social media companies thanks to cyber bullying and other forms of self deprication.

There are many ways to try and fix this technological addiction, however adults and parents themselves have also started to become addicted to more practical businesses, like email and other media that one can give the excuse of “well it could be professional business.” Clearly, this problem has been evolving and these companies have been modifying their products to become more and more addictive and controlling. The scariest part of this entire problem is that people today will work for these companies, and willingly evolve their data mining processes to addict more and more customers daily.

To fix this problem, there needs to be drastic change and obvious attention to the matter. These businesses are becoming richer by the day, and people are seemingly blind to their own mental demise. We need to start taking physical in person life seriously again, as soon the entire world will drift into a virtual dystopia leaving people forgetting the importance of physical touch, and not the importance of being on data mining apps for hours on end a day. We need to stop feeding these addictive personalities; as naturally if one thing becomes a natural release of stress, other things like drugs and other harmful things become easier to use. We need to break out of the worldwide technological social addiction, or soon we will forget the importance of going outside and getting exercise. To fix this issue, the human race as a whole needs to break stereotypes, and remember the importance of in person activities before it’s too late.

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Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Dangers of Addiction: Technological Social Acceptance
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