Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 – Combatting Addiction


Combatting Addiction

All across the United States, numerous people are struggling to cope with a chronic illness that has devastated their mental and physical well-being. This illness is addiction. Addiction can have significant consequences and tends to go hand in hand with substance abuse as the use of addictive substances becomes more widespread. However, these issues have not gone unnoticed and our nation has taken steps in order to combat the problem. Addiction is a significant issue around the world that the United States is attempting to combat due to the numerous consequences that can result from addiction and substance abuse on both an individual and societal level.

Substance abuse is a widespread public health issue that occurs from the misuse of drugs and alcohol that can cause addiction. The United States as a nation has noticed the rise in substance abuse and has been working to create solutions that help combat substance abuse and addiction. The beginning of many stories of addiction tie to a lack of information. Many do not understand the consequences or dangers associated with using addictive substances. In order to deal with the addiction crisis, the United States is working to educate the public about the dangers through a variety of methods. One of the main ways is through social media and popular app platforms. There has been an increase in ads used to inform the public about the dangers of addictive substances such as vaping, which has been a recent addictive substance gaining popularity. The United States as a nation has also made progress researching the impacts of addiction in order to develop treatment methods. Recovery support services have been one of those methods developed. Through the creation of addiction support foundations such as the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, which is an organization within the United States Department of Health and Human Services, the United States helps to improve the behavioral health for the nation. Organizations such as SAHMS are used to help inform the public and offer help to those impacted by addiction. So, overall the United States as a nation has noticed and begun taking steps to combat the rising addiction plaguing the nation.

The United States has noticed and addressed the problem of addiction in the nation because of the consequences that it has on the individual and society as a whole. Every day millions of people around the world suffer from the consequences of addiction. For example, those addicted to a substance can suffer from numerous health conditions. Some of these can include issues with heart rate, high blood pressure, stroke, liver diseases, and many more problems. In some cases, those who suffer from addiction suffer from premature death as a result showing the significance of addressing the problem early. Not only does addiction have a huge toll on the abuser physically it also has an impact on them mentally. Those who suffer from addiction also tend to develop mental issues. Misuse of addictive substances can lead to issues such as depression and anxiety which can completely disrupt a person’s life causing them to continue making poor decisions. In addition to depression and anxiety, addiction may affect one’s personality causing them to develop compulsive behaviors that not only impact their lives but the lives of those around them. These compulsive behaviors can result in the abuse or trauma of another causing more individuals to develop mental and physical issues in which they may turn to addictive substances for relief causing more to become enslaved to addiction. The consequences of addictive substances on one affects everyone around them decaying societal relationships and affecting the mental condition of everyone involved. Addiction has the potential to spread like a virus infecting those connected to the substance abuser, which is why the problem must be addressed immediately. Not only does addiction have an impact on the individual and those around them, but it has an impact on society as a whole. A person suffering from addiction often has trouble maintaining focus. This causes them to have issues supporting themselves as well as contributing to society as a whole. Those suffering from addiction tend to become unemployed due to their lack of motivation and focus. Furthermore, they often become unable to obtain a new job causing them to struggle financially which only worsens their mental condition. They also may make irrational decisions such as driving impaired or lashing out which can harm others and cause legal actions to be taken. This increases the suffering of those struggling with addiction as well as those impacted by the action. The abuser’s offense will go on their permanent record and make it even harder for them to recover and get back on their feet. The issues tied to addiction are endless ranging from mental to physical issues and personal to societal levels. It is impossible to ignore this rising problem.

We must work to combat addiction and help those suffering from it. This can be done through a variety of methods. Increasing information is one method. The acceptance of using addictive substances in the United States seems to be increasing by the minute. This acceptance can cause people to believe that it is okay to use these substances. That there are no major consequences. They are left uninformed and as a result, making poor decisions that lead them to the cycle of addiction. On both a societal and individual level information can be distributed and used to combat addiction. It can be as big as an organization working to create ads that help inform the public about the costs of using addictive substances. Or it can be as small as informing friends about the dangers of substances they may contemplate using or by spreading the dangers of addictive substances on social media. No matter the method, increasing the information provided to the public on the seriousness of addiction can help people make informed decisions and help them make better decisions. Another way we can help combat addiction is by helping those who have suffered or are currently suffering from addiction get back on their feet and escape the cycle. One of the hardest steps in escaping addiction is pulling out of the endless cycle. For most, their only escape is the help of another. On a societal level, this can be done through organizations that work to get people suffering from addiction out of the cycle. They work to help pull them from the addiction, help them get a steady job, and get their life back on track through rehab. On an individual level, this can be done by donating to rehab organizations to keep them running or by being a helping hand or understanding friend to those suffering from addiction. We can support someone suffering from addiction by encouraging them to seek help and by being the encouragement they might need to improve. These are just a few of the many ways we can work to combat addiction. As individuals and members of society, we can have an impact on the fight against addiction.

It is up to us to combat addiction and help those suffering as a result of the illness. The United States as a nation has been taking steps to combat the problem, but it is an ongoing battle that must continue being fought. The problems associated with addiction are unignorable and we can help lead the charge in combating addiction on both a societal level and an individual level. We can make a difference. We can help those suffering from addiction. We can be the change.