Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Caring but not judgment

Name: Han Grezenko
From: Tempe, Arizona
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Caring but not judgment





Caring but not judgments







By Han Grezenko








When it comes to addiction, we, the humans normally judge or have negative thoughts of the other human beings, who have addiction. But, humans are fragile, who have feeling and complex emotions, especially when they are struggling with mental problem including addiction. So what is addiction and do our country face to an addiction crisis? According to the American Psychiatric Association, addiction is listed as a complex condition, in which human brain is partially or fully control by compulsive substances. Substances that cause addiction in humans can be alcohol, marijuana, hallucinogens, inhalants, opioids or tobacco. Having addictive condition, people tend to manipulate or over use substances to satisfy the physical or emotional wants. After a long time of using, the brain functions are changed and hormones secreted from specific parts in brain are either stopped producing or can be produced more than normal level. Due to the abnormal brain functions, people can experience uncontrolled judgments, decision-making, learning ability, memory capacity, and changes in behavior. Based on the statistics from the American Addiction center, there are millions of American at the age of 12 and older suffer substances use disorder. This nation has always been in red alert of addiction issue and its serious costs to individuals and society including emotional and economic burdens, and the increasing of crimes and violence. Addiction is a serious condition that should be handled carefully to stop the growth of it, where education and commitment of the individuals and society will play the most important part. 

America is a country that has a very high concerning volume of substance use disorder. We live in a nation, where the freedoms of speech, expression, decisions, and serving the people are the main missions. When people experience pain that either is physical injury or emotional stress, they have the freedom to express their pain in their own way, they also have the right to seek for helps to reduce the negative experience. Accessing to alcohol and tobacco is the most simple and easiest way since people can find these substances at any grocery, convenient or liquid and tobacco stores near them. Moreover, the professional healthcare system in this nation is built to help and serve Americans, in which requesting opioids can be convenient for anyone at anytime. People keep coming back to their physicians after the actual physical injuries or mental problems to ask for the prescriptive medications. Even though the purposes of these refills would not be related to previous diagnoses, people usually can act to the point that professionals could not distinguish the true symptoms due to the medical history.  The national system that once are created to support and make life to be better, are now manipulated by their own citizens. People seem to manipulate the country’s kindness to satisfy the selfishness and have no idea this action does not only damage their own life, but that also creates many issue for this country such as the increasing of mental illnesses.

Facing a serious addiction crisis does not only put American society and people live in this nation from suffering economic and emotional burdens, but also living in the increasing of crimes and violence. When the brain functions do not work properly due to the reducing or increasing of hormone secretion, human actions cannot be fully controlled, which affect their decision-making ability. The cravings of substances can dominant a human being mind and he or she can experience uncomfortable physical withdraw, in which people can do anything to satisfy their cravings. People can choose to use their last penny or sell everything including their family or body parts to buy the needed substances. It is common to witness parents, who turn their back to their own children because they need to satisfy their cravings first. In family that have members that experience substance use disorder, the rest of the family have to suffer from emotional stress because these people cannot complete their roles as a part of the family. Moreover, money probably is shorted because paying for substances can get to very expansive when doses must be increased by time. As typical consequences from addiction, human beings will experience the changes in behaviors such as uncontrolled thoughts as hallucination and delusions. People tend to become more violent and act cruelly, in which other human life would be respected and concerned. The numbers of crimes significantly increased since human personalities, thoughts, and feelings changed. 


Addiction condition is needed a lot of helps from every individuals and society including having education and commitment from people that have the condition and their family. Families that have people suffer from the condition should know what their loved ones have been through including symptoms, causes, and effects. This fight is impossible when people have to go through by themselves; they need the strong support from their own family and the community. People should not avoid or run away from the issues because the problems will only get worse and their life can be put in extreme dangerous state. Free consultations and guidance should be widely offered to the community. Moreover, volunteers play important roles in this battle since they dedicate their time to help many lives without wanting anything for return, who should receive recognition from the society. Treatments must be openly recommended in various ways and recovery require time should be explained in details for the people and their supported people since the process sometimes requires a long period of time. Treatments can be different such as at-home treatment, in which family members are the main parts of this process. Or people can have the professional helps from physicians, therapists, and medications.  For substance use disorder, relapsing can happen and family plays a significantly important role in the whole process. Being patient to the people and keep supporting them is the key that people need to remember.

American is not the only nation that has faced to addiction crisis around the world, however, as American citizens, we should realize how bad this mental condition has been and participate in this serious battle to help our own country to conquer the challenges. With the increasing in cases, the United States should unite together to fight because this condition does not only affect the people have the condition and their family, but it also creates huge damages to this country economics, public safety, and health. While judgments should be eliminate since it does not make the issues to be better but only destroy life, people should be more opened and offer warm support to others. Having the addiction condition, people can suffer real challenges in decision-making, abnormal behaviors, learning ability, or memory capacity, in which they will need guidance, physical and mental support to get out of the black life.















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Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Caring but not judgment
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