Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 – Broken Family


Broken Family

Most people take pills to have a good time, but what if that turns into all the time? The good time high can be exciting and new, however they can damage your family and tear it apart. Drug addiction causes trauma and can completely break families apart.

Six years old, the beginning of what horrors would come, a teenage brother newly on pain medication for a torn ACL. It can start with something as simple as pain medication for an injury, but can turn into a nightmare for everyone around you. As time passed the amount of substances grew, cocaine, weed, LSD, anything he could get a hold of. From a young age I watched as drugs turned someone into a cold violence person, who would steal anything, hurt anyone, sell anything to get drugs. The DS I got for Christmas, disappears, my mothers wedding ring, disappears, all to fuel the addiction that inhabited his brain. A day I will never forget, my mother, sisters, and I crouched in my sisters room, with the doors locked, hiding, from a teenage boy who was once my brother. In a crazed state, the fear and panic we felt sitting there waiting for the worst as my mother left the room to attempt to calm him. We all come out to find smashed windows and a distraught boy sweeping the mess with tears and a bloody hand. From an early age I knew fear, felt it, and it rarely went away. My parents, fighting over the fact that their child has been to rehab and yet is still on everything you could name. For years this continued, being called failures, saying their parenting caused his addiction. Driving a wedge between extended family, fights driving a wedge between my parents, and the wedge that had long since been placed between my brother and everyone he knew. I have seen what drugs can do, they can turn you into a monster that will hurt your own family. They can tear the relationships around you apart. They can cause trauma, and mental illness to those who you are affecting around you. All for a high, all because of pills, all for a world of pain to attempt to get off of them.

Drug addiction can make the ugliest parts of human beings come to the surface, they can make you see the true monster you are, and others will see it too. They are not worth it, hours of a high is not worth the pain and suffrage of yourself and others. Almost ten years since, and still a struggle to stay clean, still find trouble with drug deals, and landing in prison. This does not have to be anyones fate, as long as they choose to not take the path of always chasing the high.