Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Addition Awareness: Closing Cycles

Name: Josue Flores Medina
From: PHOENIX, Arizona
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Addition Awareness: Closing Cycles

Addiction has been a very problematic issue that our country is facing today, and many years back. Many of our countrymen have tested and got positive for addiction. Many crimes have been listed because of the excessive use of forbidden drugs and alcohol. Furthermore, many institutions have already confirmed that there are many victims of drug addiction in our society. Even the government itself admitted that they have to implement the war on drugs due to rapidly increasing numbers of people using illegal drugs. Not only that but, due to its rapid growth in the number of users, smuggling drugs has made a tremendous impact on society and the health of its people. Thus, this made drugs even more popular, even to non-users. In this terrible situation, we can say that our country is definitely in the middle of a crisis. People have to be aware that drug addiction can affect human behavior. Slowly, it can change its victim’s way of thinking and decision making. Drug addiction can never be a source of positivity. It will lure the user into deep addiction until he/she can never stop. Not to mention, this will also bring negativity to the user’s household and family. We can say that their family can feel the direct hit and effects of this addiction. Again, this will also cause failure to do responsibilities and fights between the member of the family. If the family members can’t accept and understand why the user is acting that way, then the conflicts might continue.


Additionally, society can also be affected by this problem. Because of drug addiction, one can lose his/her productivity and even lose his/her job. Impairment in physical, mental health problems and reduced quality of life might increase crimes and violence. Besides, drug abuse can also affect society to increase homelessness and poverty rates and cause a substantial financial health care burden. As well, it also involves children and the risk that their drug-addicted parents can also influence them. So, you see, these problems might cause tremendous damage and effects not only to the drug users but also to our society.


Hence, as a member of society let us help each other to overcome this crisis. Let us be aware the even a simple help is a big step towards success. If we have a friend that you know is going through hard times, be there for them, listen to their stories, and give them advice. It is to prevent them from depression and ends up using drugs to ease the problem they have. As an individual, let us not judge all the users of illegal drugs because they are victims. Let us try to understand them and encourage them |(if you knew someone close to you who are using drugs) to undergo medication. Moreso, society and the government’s responsibility is to fund and build more health facilities for drug victims. I know it will cost a lot of money, but this will reduce the number of drug users and crimes they might bring due to addiction. More importantly, this will also help increase our economy due to increasing numbers of people now capable of working and doing their responsibilities. Similarly, it will decrease the number of broken families because of drugs. Let us all believe that a happy family is a comfortable and progressive society.


Overall, for an individual addicted to drugs. It will destroy his life in the long run. He will not contribute any good to his family and society because drug addiction increases unemployment and crime. I believe that those drug addicts have underlying personal problems, which I think started in their family or in the current situation they are living in that lead them to use drugs as their escape. There are so many factors why they’re doing it, but only they can solve that problem, but I think the government should promote a happy place to live in by providing more jobs and financial assistance to those in need. More family programs that promote well-being for everyone. I should say that let’s save the user but not the pusher.

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Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Addition Awareness: Closing Cycles
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